Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Characteristics

Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics

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  • Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

    Appearance Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier includes in the top of most popular dog breeds in the world. He will be great companion for family because he can adapt to owner`s lifestyle very quickly.

    Yorkshire Terrier has a sweet, affectionate and cheerful appearance.  It is a small, elegant dog with a beautiful long hair which falls off on both sides of compact body with a proud and important posture. Despite a toy appearance he has hunter`s temperament. Therefore, do not be surprised if during the walk he will catch a bird or will be chase a cat.

    FCI Classification: Group 3 Terriers. Section 4 Toy Terriers. Without working trial.

    Country of origin: Great Britain.

    Utilization: Companion Dog.

    Character and Temperament: is happy, agile, intelligent, brave, balanced.

    Format: square, compact, and elegant.

    Posture: proud.

    Head: small, not convex or round.

    Muzzle: slightly narrowed, not long.

    Nose: black.

    Eyes: oval or almond shape (not round), medium-sized, straight set, dark, shiny. Glance is lively, clever. Eyelids are dark.

    Jaws and teeth: scissor bite, straight; the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower.

    Ears: small, stand, V- shaped form of an equilateral triangle; are placed not far apart, covered with soft hair.

    Neck: good length.

    Chest: moderate springy ribs.

    Back: short and straight.

    Loins: strong.

    Tail: long, not docked, (formerly was docked to the half of length), undocked one is preferred. The tail is profusely covered with long hair, a shade is darker than the body. It is placed a bit higher than the back line.

    Forequarters: straight. Elbows are pointing back. Shoulders are well laid. The forearms are straight. Feet are round, straight, covered with hair of gold or red-brown color. The claws are black.

    Hindquarters: straight. The knee joint is moderately pronounced. Well covered with long hair of golden or reddish-brown color. Paws are round. Claws are black. Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

    Movements: free, energetic.

    Yorkshire Terrier on the grass

    Characteristic Yorkshire Terrier

    Coat: the wool on the body is straight, shiny, thin silky texture, medium length.

    The wool on the head is long, rich golden or reddish-brown color. On the sides of the head, at the base of the ears and on the muzzle, where is the longest wool color is more intense. Red-brown or golden colors of the head aren’t extended to the neck.

    Weight of Yorkshire Terrier: Up to 3,2 kg.

    The size of Yorkshire Terriers is divided into three categories:

    • Super - mini: 1.5 kg
    • Small: 1.5 kg -2,1kg
    • Standard: 2.1 kg -3.1 kg

    Faults: any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault. 

    Disqualifying Faults:

    • aggressiveness or shyness
    • any dog which shows physical or behavioral deviation


    • Male should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
    • Only functionally and clinically healthy dogs should be used for breeding.

    Yorkshire Terriers live up to 12-15 years.

    Yorkshire Terrier Puppy on the grass

    Appearance Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

    Coat Colour of Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born black - tan, like the Rottweiler puppies.

    When the puppy is 3 - 4 months old, on his head can be noticed the change of color at the roots of the hair.

    You can trim pet's wool in 6 -7 months. It completely changes its puppy`s color because wool of Yorkshire terrier does not fall out and grow all its life. Some individuals are changing color up to two years old.

    Color of adult Yorkshire Terrier:

    • On the body it is blue - dark or blue-steel; head and paws are golden or reddish - golden brown; tail is dark steel.
    • On head and legs there is reddish-brown or yellowish-brown hair, body and tail are dark metallic color.

    Color on the body: the blue color starts at the base of the head and reaches base of the tail. Color of head is a saturated golden or yellowish-brown.

    Color of tail: wool is always darker color on the body, especially at the end.

    Chest and limbs: are gold, platinum or a saturated reddish-yellowish-brown color to the elbow on the front legs, and up to the knee joint on the hind legs.