Yorkshire Terrier Temperament and Personality

Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics

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  • The Yorkshire Terrier is a small decorative breed, dog - companion. He was bred in England, in the county of Yorkshire in the late XIX century.

    He is very brave, curious and energetic breed. Socialisation with a cute little dog will give you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.  As you know, communication with animals makes very positive effect on the human nervous system.

    Caring of the Yorkshire terrier, grooming, bathing and combing his beautiful hair is a great way to relax after a hard work day.

    Yorkshire Terrier Temperament and Personality

    Temperament Yorkshire Terrier

    People, who are allergic to wool, can keep Yorkshire Terrier as a pet, because this breed is without undercoat, and its wool structure is similar to human hair.

    Despite the small size, it is a good hunter, because in previous centuries, ancestors of these lovely dogs were used to hunt badgers and foxes. At that time, the peasants could not keep large dogs because they could be treated as poachers on land which belongs the nobility.

    These small dogs guarded house from rodents, and they always accompanied the owners in trading along rivers and canals. At the present time Yorkshire Terrier is favorite of celebrities, it takes part in dog shows, agility (active sports for dogs), it acts in movies and poses in magazines.

    Temperament of Yorkshire Terrier

    Temperament Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier has an cheerful, energetic, affectionate, confident and resolute temperament. He does not like to be alone for a long time, can get bored and yearn. He likes attention of the owner, is incredibly faithful to him and his family.

    Yorkshire Terrier loves owner`s children, he can play and frolic with them all day. But to other children it can be aggressive.

    Breeders often say: "Where there is one Yorkshire, soon will be second." It's true. According to the saying: “The dogs of this breed are never too many."

    Yorkshire Terrier loves to walk in any weather and outdoor games with the ball. He can bring a stick and perform different commands.

    This breed is popular among celebrities, because you can go shopping with it, visit restaurants and cafes. He feels good while traveling by car, by train, by plane. You should wear an overall on the pet for a walk during autumn and winter. Clothes protect dogs coat from snow and mud.

    Yorkshire Terrier Puppies quickly become accustomed to the tray as a toilet, which essentially facilitates a life of the owner who likes to sleep in the morning.

    If you decide to get a dog of this breed, you should be aware of its small stature. It is sensitive and delicate, it is easy to injure. So never yell or beat your pet.

    This breed isn’t suitable for family with very small children. A child can squeeze too much puppy accidentally drop or injure a dog without realizing the responsibility.

    Although the Yorkshire Terrier is apartment`breed, it likes to walk, run, jump and catch small birds. Because it retained hunter`s instinct.

    Yorkshire Terrier is very devoted to his master. He feels great mood of the person, and it can wait patiently for a command “to walk" all day long.

    Yorkshire Terrier is going  for a walk

    Personality Yorkshire Terrier

    It really loves owner`s children but does not like other people's children. If unfamiliar child runs, it will bark and chase after him.

    Yorkshire Terrier is trained very well and always ready to fulfill all the commands for titbit and owner`s praise.

    He gets on well with other pets.

    On the street it is the biggest brawler and bully. If it meets a large breed dog, it will always be first to bark and make a noise.

    The point is that it does not understand how small and ridiculous.