Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems and Feeding

Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics

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  • Yorkshire Terriers are active, energetic and cheerful dogs. They are a small size and generally their lifespan is longer than big dogs, but they also have health issues common to tiny breeds. Some of Yorkies health problems are genetic and therefore impossible to avoid, there are other issues that can be affected by Yorkshire Terrier`s environment.

    Read about Yorkshire Terrier health issues that occur in this breed more often than other, including hereditary ones.


    Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems
    • Legg-Perthes Disease (the disease provoke hip joint problems)
    • Retinal Dysplasia (it  leads to vision problems)
    • Patella luxation or dislocation of the knee cup is a common disease of the musculoskeletal system of small dogs
    • Liver Shunt or Portosystemic Shunt (the problem arises due to a portal vein abnormality. It is a hereditary health problem which obstructs blood flow to the liver. As a result, the liver fails to cleanse the blood. Unfiltered blood causes toxin inflow to heart, brain, and other body parts)
    • Collapsed Trachea
    • Pancreatitis
    • Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis
    • Skin Allergies (skin health problems may appear after exposure to chemicals, fleas, molds, pollen, food, a bite of a wasp or a bee etc.)
    • Problems with teeth and gums
    • Sensitivity to medicines
    • Inguinal hernia (a problem in a thin abdominal wall in the groin)
    • Piroplasmosis (babesiosis is provoked by a bite of an ixodid tick)
    • Cryptorchidism
    • Violation of the change of teeth (milk still do not fall, and indigenous are already growing)
    • Hypoglycemia (abnormally low level of blood sugar is a common Yorkshire Terrier health problem)

    Hypoglycemia of Yorkshire Terriers

    Yorkshire Terriers puppies are at an enhanced risk of hypoglycemia in the first five months of their life. Also a pregnant female and dogs with liver disease can get hypoglycemia.

    Also some factors may provoke hypoglycemia in the Yorkshire Terrier:

    • strong or permanent stress
    • unbalanced nutrition
    • constantly low body temperature
    • abrupt change of food

    The acute form of hypoglycemia causes severe convulsions, fainting, paralysis of limbs and even a coma condition (only in extremely severe cases).

    Dogs with hypoglycemia usually show a low-energy level, excessive salivation, weakness, drowsiness causeless loss of appetite, chills, disruption of the digestive tract.

    You can inject glucose or give water with a very high sugar content to ease of dog's condition. Normally these dogs need a full medical investigation and a special diet.