Pug Dog Breed Appearance & Characteristics

Pug Information Characteristics

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  • Pug Appearance

    Classification FCI: Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs; Section 11 Small Molossian; without working trial.

    General Appearance Pug: square, cobby, compactness of form, strong muscle.

    Head: Large, round, not apple-headed. Skull between the ears is flat. Wrinkles are clearly defined. The forehead does not protrude over the eyebrow arches.

    Muzzle: Short, square, equal to the width of the forehead.

    The fold over the nose: it is continuous or discontinuous. Very thick or thin fold violates the harmonious structure of the head.

    Bridge of the nose: Straight, slightly visible.

    Nose: Black, nostrils are well developed.

    Eyes: Large, dark, round, convex, widely placed on the nose line.

    Jaws: a tight undershot no more than 3 mm. The lower incisors are located - "ruler" and they are closely overlapping the upper incisors.

    Ears: Thin, small, soft, set high, tightly pressed to the head. They are divided into two types:

    • “Rose ear “- small, folded over his head, laid back, the inner part is open.
    • “Buttons” - ear flap folding forward, the edges are pressed tightly to his head, closed internal openings. Prefer last one.

    Neck: a little arched, strong, thick, scruff is well visible, bearing proudly.

    The body: short, stocky, and muscled. The pug`s body length nearly equal to the height at the withers.

    Chest: Wide, well-sprung ribs. The lower part of the chest is not above the elbows.

    Forelegs: straight, long, straight, muscled. They are set wide apart, shoulders are sloping. The elbows are tight to the body. Pasterns slightly inclined.

    Hind legs: Strong, standing parallel with muscular thighs, knees and hock joints clearly visible

    Coat: short, smooth and thick. Outer coat is thin, smooth, shining. The undercoat is soft and thick.

    Movements: springy, free and elegant.

    p.s.Pug male has two normal testicles descended into the scrotum.

    Tail:Set high, firmly pressed to the body, double curl is desired.

    Weight Pug: Males 13 - 20 pounds (6 -9 kg) Females 13 - 18 pounds (6 -8 kg).

    Height Pug: Males 12 - 14 inches (30 -36 cm) Females 10 – 12 (25 -30 cm).

    Coat colors of Pug

    • Apricot
    • Fawn
    • Black
    • Silver

    Pugs which have light color have a black mask on their face, black spots on the cheeks, rhombus on the forehead, black ears and a black band on the back, from the occiput to the base of the tail.