Pug Temperament and Personality

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  • Pug Temperament and Personality

    Pug is a small decorative dog breed, ideal companion for older owners or lonely people. It is one of the oldest breed in the world. The Pug has an active, cheerful temperament and comical apearance.

    His round head, large eyes, curled tail and funny face make it very nice. There is only one drawback Pug can snore when sleeping. In spite of this all owners consider this as a nice feature of the breed. Pug has a quiet, inactive and balanced temperament so he is a good breed for apartment living.

    Pugs arrived to Europe in the sixteenth century from China where they were favorite Chinese emperor`s dogs. This ancient and wise nation appreciates them for wrinkles on their faces which look like the Chinese symbol of good luck.

    In those days Pugs were the guardians of temples and were larger in size. The breed adapts perfectly to the lifestyle of the owner. If you spend the evening sitting and watching TV, the pet will keep you company and will sit down beside with pleasure. If you have an active lifestyle, you can always take your Pug for a walk. Make sure that he is not overtired and overheated in the sun.

    Pug Temperament

    Pug has a lively, cheerful and balanced temperament. This dog breed hardly ever is nervous, cowardly or aggressive. Pug is dedicated to the owner and his family. The small compact size makes him a good pet to live in a small apartment.

    Pugs love children and love to play with them. Not badly get on with other pets, but they love to be the center of attention of everyone in the house.

    Although Pug is small in size, he is good and empathetic watchdog. Very well give in training, this sly cute dog is always ready for a piece of sweets, and simply adore the praise of the owner, trying to please him in everything. Many breeders believe that black color Pugs have more energetic and watchful temperament and white ones have a faithful and tranquil personality.

    You need to walk your pet every day 1 to 1.5 hours twice a day. The walk can be relaxing or active. Pugs love to walk on the sand in the summer, running in the water, it gives them pleasure. These procedures are well suited for keeping the leg muscles and body in good shape.

    • Active walk should not be more than 30 minutes.
    • In cold weather or hot weather, 10 minutes it will be enough.
    • Calm walk can lasts 1.5 hours.

    Remember that a good muscular frame is not achieved by diet. Only regular walks and exercise will give the dog a healthy shape.

    The only little nuance, Pug can snore at night. But it brings pleasure to many breeders.

    Pugs puppies need early socialization to strange people, sounds outside and other animals.