How to Care for a Pug

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  • Pug CarePug is a sociable and cute dog with a charming muzzle and cheerful temperament. He will be your faithful friend and favorite pet for a long time if you provide your Pug with a proper care and healthy diet.

    Pug is a double-coated breed of dog. He has a surface short hair and thick undercoat. It has molt twice a year (spring - autumn). If the dog is kept in a warm apartment with the dry air it is molting during the year.

    Coat Care: 1 bath once a month is enough, if they are dirty, some owners bathe their Pugs more often. Water should not be in the dog's ears, so close them with a cotton swab and dry it well after bathing. Pugs coat can be clean with the dry shampoo, which is rubbed into the coat and then combed out of it.

    Folds on the face: in the folds is accumulated food leftover and dirt after feeding or walking, this may cause an unpleasant smell so the owners of pugs wipe them with dry cotton pad.

    You do not need to wipe the fold every day because it disrupts the natural micro flora and develops an infection. If you be often wash fold of your pug, it will produce more skin fat. You need to comb your pug 1 time a week with a brush with natural bristles. This procedure stimulates the blood circulation of the dog, removes dead hair and clean pugs`coat of dust and dirt.

    Pugs`eyes wash with a soft cloth or cotton pad which is soaked in warm water. You should not allow the pug to run through tall grass during walks because the sharp edges of the grass can injure eyes.

    The first serious signs of eye disease of pug:

    • Eyes suppuration
    • Ample salivation
    • White spot
    • Clouding of the cornea
    • The dark spot on the cornea
    • Loss of the eyeball
    • "Swollen" or reddened eye

    If you see these symptoms, you should consult a veterinarian and never self-medicate.

    Claws: You should cut your pugs`claws with the clipper of the nails for little dogs 1 time a month. You must remember about the fifth dewclaw. It is not erased when the dog walking. After walk you need always wash and check paws of pet.

    Teeth Cleaning: You can clean pug`s teeth 2 - 3 times a week with toothpaste for dogs.

    Ears: You need to clean your pet ears 1 time a week with a gentle ear wash or mineral oil, pour solution on a cotton pad. Lift up his ears and clean off any dirt. When the ear is cleaned, take a dry cotton pad and remove excess moisture. If you notice that your Pug’s ears are scratching and his head shaking or rubbing his ears on the ground it may be ear mites. Take him to the veterinarian.