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  • Papillons Temperament and PersonalityPapillon (French "Butterfly") is decorative breed, toy spaniel, a companion dog without working trial. It is a charming dog with a mobile, light, wide-open ears like butterfly wings.

    This small breed occupies the top of the hit parade among decorative breeds, and 9th place among all breeds in the world on mental abilities.


    Nobody knows exactly where the breed appeared, but the fame of it comes from the depth of centuries. In appearance it looks like a royal toy spaniel, ancient European breed whose ancestors lived in the royal palaces and at homes of the aristocracy in the XV century.

    These cuties accompanied the noble ladies everywhere. Portrait of the crowned heads was incomplete without the image of Papillon. It was always close to the famous and powerful historical persons.

    These cute and affectionate breed has gained a great popularity among the nobles of the past centuries: Henry III, Louis XIV, Madame de Pompadour, and other adored Papillon. These noble dogs were presented to aristocrats like a valuable present.

    The most famous owner of the breed was the queen of France Marie - Antoinette. The maid of honor cared for pets that lived in their separate palace which was called "Butterfly Pavilion" during the reign of Marie - Antoinette. The story tells that one of the most favorite dog is accompanied the queen to the guillotine, and before her execution she gave it to one of the executioners.

    Despite the huge popularity among the European monarchs, papillon arrived in England in 1905.

    Many years later this royal toy became a working breed.

    The interesting fact: it is surprising, Papillon`s good shepherd for the sheep, it is fast and agile. He can direct a flock of sheep into the pen without any problems. The secret is that the sheep do not see the difference between a large or small dog. They will obey the Border collie (the best shepherd) and Papillon the same.

    Papillon is smart, funny, cheerful and affectionate breed. It combines the elegance and beauty. This is really royal dog. These active, loving and restless dogs will give you happiness. They are very devoted to the owner. They love the company of people and feel bad in loneliness.

    You must accustom your dog to different situations, and then it will not be naughty at home alone. Always hide small things and wires. Dogs love to play with the remote and slippers. This is favorite things for the game. You should buy toys and balls for a pet.

    Papillon tends well to training and education. But they are very self-confident and training shows this side of their character.

    It loves owner`s children and can play with them all day.

    It gets on well with other pets.

    Papillon is suitable for keeping in a flat and perfectly adapted to living in a country house with a spacious yard and garden. You must go for a walk with Papillon 2 times a day, morning - evening, before feeding. Always keep your pet on a leash if you walk near the road.

    This active and nimble dog often shows good results in the sport for dogs: agility and obedience (training of pet to work with the owner together). Sport promotes the development of muscle mass, teaches obedience and precision execution of commands.