How to Care for a Papillon

Papillon Characteristics

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  • Papillon Care

    Papillon is long-haired breed without undercoat. It molts but seasonal molt is moderate. Males are molting 2 times a year. Females are molting before estrus and after the birth of puppies.

    The coat is necessary to comb 2 times a week with a metal comb, during molting you should increase the frequency of combing. Regular care prevents tangles of wool, especially between toes on their paws. If tangles appeared, carefully they cut. Before combing moisten the coat with sprinkler of conditioner diluted with water.

    Grooming: It is used only hygienic haircut for Papillon. Guard hair on the body is not cut. You need to cut out the wool between the paw pads, around the anus and groin. The foot should be similar to the "hare's paw".

    Bathe: 1 time per week, or depending on pollution. It is necessary to choose a shampoo that matches the type of Papillon wool and which will not give a yellow shade of white wool.

    Breeders sometimes use shampoo for platinum blonde or gray hair. But this experiment could be the cause of dandruff, because pH of dog skin is different from pH of human skin.

    Claws are cut 1 time every 3 weeks with a nail clipper for small breeds. Pointed ends of the claws are smoothed with nail file. Do not forget to trim the nail on the fifth finger. Too long claws are trimmed in several stages.

    Paws are wiped with a damp cloth after walks. Check the condition the pads on the paws and make sure that there are not cracks. You should rub the dog's paws with vegetable oil to prevent the appearance of cracks.

    The ears are checked regularly and Phalen's ears need to be aired. The inner part of the ear is wiped with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

    The teeth are brushed 2 - 3 times a week with special toothpaste for dogs with a toothbrush, a sponge or a special nozzle on the finger. It is necessary to add to the diet fresh tomatoes and solid foods to prevent dental tartar. Toys - cords, chews bones and chips of rawhide can remove tartar mechanically.

    You should praise the pet after each procedure.

    Eyes are washed once a week with a soft cloth moistened with warm water or chamomile tea. It is necessary to rinse each eye with a separate clean cloth.

    Causes of watery eyes of Papillon:

    • Inflammation of the lacrimal sac
    • A large protein or carbohydrate in the diet
    • Blockage of the tear ducts
    • Inversion of the eyelashes or eyelids
    • Extra row of eyelashes
    • Allergic reaction
    • Too thick lashes in the corners of the eyes
    • Ingress of foreign matter

    If you notice excessive tearing, redness of the eyes and pus you should consult your veterinarian. The tear tracks under the eyes are a favorable environment for bacteria. There may appear red-brown smudges or sores. Lotion with chamomile extract and mallow are used for the daily care of the eyes.