Norwich Terrier Temperament and Personality

Norwich Terrier Characteristics

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  • Norwich Terrier has a restless, curious and active temperament. This is a very smart and agile dog breed. He is cheerful, good-natured, adores the owner and all members of the family which he lives in. The Norwich Terrier will be an excellent companion for people who love outdoor sports and recreational activities, as hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping.

    Norwich Terrier Temperament and Personality

    Norwich Terrier captivates with his affectionate and cheerful temperament. He is incredibly devoted to owner, have ability to quickly assess the situation and can feels the mood of the owner.

    Norwich Terrier needs sufficient physical activity, games and training. Like any hunting dog, he wants to constantly move, because he cannot sit idle for a long time. Terrier loves outdoor games and an active lifestyle.

    An inexperienced owner who tried to turn a Norwich Terrier into a decorative breed will be unpleasantly surprised. This active dog will try to compensate for the lack of dog toys, attention and physical activity. The terrier will gladly ruin the slippers, a TV remote control, newspaper, shoes and more.

    Norwich Terrier gets along well with children. Due to the large supply of energy, he is pleased to participate in all active games. Long walks and fun games outdoors will be useful for both children and a pet.

     Naughty Norwich Terrier

    Norwich Terrier gets along well with other dogs. He can defend himself from attack, but he will not start the fight first. This breed of dog has a proud character and noble personality. The terrier is not prone to nervousness or causeless barking at everything that moves.

    Norwich Terrier is a courageous dog. He has a strong hunting instinct because he was bred specifically for rodent hunting. Dogs of this breed love to walk in any weather. This hardy and athletic dog has a hard coat that protects it from any weather. Rain, snow, frost or heat will not be an obstacle for him.

    Norwich Terrier gets along with other pets

    It makes sense to keep the Norwich Terrier on a leash when you are walking in the city. He constantly sniffs out and searches for something interesting. His hunting instinct is so strong that the dog will run after the bird, cat or a bunch of leaves, not listening to the owner’s command.