French Bulldog Temperament and Personality

French Bulldog Characteristics

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  • The French Bulldog has an affectionate, bold, active and balanced temperament.  He is extremely loyal to the owner, loves all members of the family which he lives and is friendly towards children.

    He will be an excellent companion and a favorite of the family because he has multifaceted temperament and personality. He is intelligent, cheerful, and good-natured and at the same time dog can be stubborn, cunning and mischievous.  If you are the owner of the French Bulldog, the noise and fun will always be in your house. He will not let you be bored and will always surprise with his behavior. French Bulldog is dog-comic with a playful and humorous personality.

    French Bulldog Temperament and Personality

    He loves children and shows patience towards them. However, you should not leave too young children alone with the dog, even if you trust him. Children can provoke the dog and he will lose patience. This small sized dog will be the perfect pet for teenagers because he has a friendliness and playful temperament and devoted personality. 

    French Bulldog gets along well with other domestic pets (cats, dogs, parrots) especially if they growing up together. However, he can show aggression towards cats and other dogs outdoors. For example males of French Bulldogs can bicker with other males. In addition, some French Bulldogs may hunt small rodents so you should not leave your hamsters, guinea pigs or mice unattended.

    Cheerful French Bulldog with a ball

    The French bulldog has the best qualities of a companion dog and perfectly feels the mood of the owner. If you feel bad, he can sit quietly near you or try to make you laugh.

    He has good watchdog abilities, in case of danger he is always ready to defend the owner. French Bulldog needs communication with people because he does not like to stay alone for a long time, therefore can be sad and naughty. Even the most calm and trained dogs need daily communication and games with owners.

    Little French Bulldog pappies

    French Bulldog Puppies need early socialization and training since 3 - 4 months. Of course there are dogs with a stubborn temperament therefore training is recommended to be turned into a game. The best results can be achieved by applying short workouts, and as a reward always use dog treats. Never shout and do not beat the pet because the puppy will grow nervous and lose interest in training.

    French Bulldog combines the best qualities of a companion dog. His compact size allows you to keep this dog breeds in a small apartment and his cheerful disposition and devotion to the owner make him a good and faithful friend.