French Bulldog: How to Care for French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog Characteristics

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  • Caring for a French Bulldog is easy but compulsory. The breed is short-haired, the coat seasonally sheds: spring-autumn.

    Care for French Bulldog Coat. Combing a French Bulldog coat is necessary with a natural bristle brush or massage glove once a week. This procedure improves blood circulation and removes dust and dead hair. It is necessary to comb out the dog's coat with a massage glove during the bathing period to speed up the loss of dead hair during molting.

    Bathe Frenchie with shampoo for short-haired breeds once a month or if it is necessary.

    French Bulldog Care

    Paws wipe with a damp rag after each walking.

    Claws are cut with a nail clipper once a month and the sharp ends are smoothed with a nail file.

    Care for eyes: French Bulldog has very expressive and big eyes which need of special care. You should be extremely careful as the quality of eye care is very important for the health of your pet.

    French Bulldog with a cute muzzle

    Muzzle regularly is checked for any signs of trouble. The French Bulldog`s muzzle and folds on it also need care because not cleaning dog`s folds and muzzle can lead to serious skin problems. Regularly cleaning Bulldog`s muzzle and folds can keep their eyes clean and reduces the number of bacteria that become trapped in their facial wrinkles.  Muzzle folds are cleaned weekly or with every bath.

    Teeth are cleaned with special toothpaste for dogs 3-4 times a week. It is necessary include in the diet of the dog solid food and tomatoes to prevent the occurrence of tartar.

    The ears of the French Bulldog are big and open and are cleaned with a damp cotton disk 1 time per week.

    A little puppy French Bulldog is jumping

    Fleas and ticks of French Bulldog:

    Fleas and ticks are wingless little parasites that survive by ingesting the blood of dog. Despite they are so small, they can cause a lot of dog health problems. You have to check French Bulldog skin after each walking and regularly treat your dog with medicine against fleas and ticks to prevent allergy and piroplasmosis (babesiosis) - a deadly disease of dogs transmitted by an Ixodid ticks.

    There are some medicine against flea and tick for French Bulldog:

    • Flea pills (you can give the pills only after consult a veterinarian)
    • Flea and tick collars(it works when dog wears it regularly)
    • Drops on the withers (3 weeks)
    • Shampoos ( kill fleas for about one day)
    • Powders (works about one week)

    You should consult a veterinary about treatment your dog because always there are factors to consider:

    • The age and weight of your dog
    • Where in the life-cycle are the fleas (flea eggs, larvae, adult fleas)?
    • How severe is the infestation?
    • Medical conditions that may prevent your pet from having certain treatments and medication