Chihuahua Temperament and Personality

Chihuahua dog (ChihuahueƱo) Characteristics

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  • Chihuahua has an affectionate, active, cheerful and energetic temperament. This small breed is very intelligent and gentle. Despite the small size Chihuahua has a brave and confident personality. He is an excellent watchdog and thanks to his ringing barking, the owner always knows about the stranger.

    Chihuahua Temperament

    Chihuahua will be an excellent companion both for families with teenagers and for single people because he loves owner and all the members of the family which he lives in. This tiny breed is not suitable for a family with young children because they can injure the dog without understanding the full responsibility for the pet.

    Chihuahua gets along with other pets (cat, rabbit and parrot) and is friendly even to those whom he sees for the first time.

    Dogs of this breed need early socialization and a dog training course. Even such a tiny dog must know owner`s commands and obey them. He is trained perfectly and performs owner`s commands with pleasure (of course with hope to receive a treat). So you always have to treat your pet to fix a pleasant moment in his memory.

    Chihuahua with children

    Sociability is a characteristic feature of Chihuahua which makes of this tiny dog an excellent dog - therapist. Some of them accompany their owners to nursing homes and hospitals to console the elderly and ill people and give them minutes of communication with this cute breed.

    Chihuahua is extremely curious and observant but also extremely touchy, so never shout at the pet. If the owner shouts, a little friend will sit in his house all day until forgives owner.

    Chihuahua puppy on a walk

    Chihuahua Puppies perfectly accustomed to the nappy, but despite this you must go for a walk with your dog at least 2 times a day. On a walk, you should always keep the pet on a leash. The Chihuahua can provoke aggression of a large dog due to his devotion towards owner and a courageous temperament.

    Not suitable for very busy people because Chihuahua do not like to stay alone for a long time, he is bored and even can spoil the owner's things.