Chihuahua Care Tips

Chihuahua dog (ChihuahueƱo) Characteristics

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  • Care for Chihuahua is simple and not tedious. As Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, he needs careful care and attention. Never leave a puppy or an adult Chihuahua on high surfaces such as a sofa, bed, table, etc. The dog may get injured or fracture the paws because it is small in size and has thin bones.

    Chihuahua Care

    Comb both long-haired and short-haired Chihuahua 3-4 times a week with a comb or a brush made of natural bristles. Regular combing removes dead hair, massages the skin and improves circulation of the blood. Always spray hair with air conditioner diluted with water to facilitate combing.

    Bathe once in 3-4 months or if it is necessary with a special shampoo for dogs. After bathing, always treat dog hair with conditioner to give shine and elasticity. Long-haired Chihuahua need this procedure more than short-haired.

    Eyes: Chihuahua is characterized by moist eyes after sleep, during spring molt, when the hair or sand gets into the eyes in windy weather. Tears must be clean, but if they turn into dark brown crust under the eyes, contact your veterinarian because the reasons may be health problems or an unhealthy diet.

    Wipe eyes with a soft cloth soaked in warm chamomile tea to prevent souring 1 time a week. Each eye is wiped with a separate piece of cloth.

    Long-haired Chihuahua

    Ears of Chihuahua are open and big. Regularly check them to notice and prevent illnesses in time. Healthy ear has a pleasant pink color with no redness, rashes or excess sulfur. If this is necessary, wipe the auricle with a damp cotton pad moistened with warm water once a week to remove dust and sulfur.

    Teeth Chihuahua must be cleaned with special toothpaste for dogs 3-4 times a week. It is very important to brush your pet`s teeth regularly because dogs of small breeds are prone to tartar and dental problems.

    Claws are cut with a nail clipper 1 time per month. It is necessary to smooth the ends of the claws with nail file. Usually dogs do not like this procedure so if the pet is very nervous cut off a few claws a day and always treat and praise your pet.

    Paw pads are wiped with a damp cloth after a walk.

    Bed for a dog

    Bed for Chihuahua should be located in a cozy and warm place (not near a heater) in your apartment.  Do not buy too large bed because it will be uncomfortable for a tiny dog. For small breeds the ideal options are open bed with high sides, roofed bed or a bed – transformer. Last one is very popular nowadays because it has two variations:

    • an open house with high sides and a soft pillow inside
    • a closed house with walls and a roof and a soft pillow inside