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  • Look at funny pictures Basenji and read information about Basenji dog breeds.  Enjoy pictures of cute Basenji Puppies. Learn interesting facts about Basenji dog behavior and their ability produces yodel instead barking.

    Learn Basenji dog breed characteristic and find out about how to choose a healthy Basenji Puppies.

    Basenji is hunting dog breed which was bred in central Africa. He is a small-sized dog with an elegant and graceful body, a straight back, a moderately wide and deep chest with well-defined ribs, its short lumbar region and lower line shift into a noticeable waist. The tail is strongly twisted over the coccyx and fits snugly to the hip with a single or double turn.

    Basenji also is called "barkless dog" because he can make an unusual sound like yodel.

    Dogs of this breed are very neat, odorless and have cat habits. They also wash themself with their paws.

    Basenji puppies need early socialization and behavior adjustment from the age of 6 months old.Because they are very active and independent with a pronounced personality.

    Basenji Puppies need a correct and balanced diet to stay active and healthy dogs all life.

    Basenji has a cheerful, affectionate and active temperament. He gets on well with children and will be a faithful companion to them in all active games.

    Never give Basenji dangerous products for dogs and watch that they have a lot of toys for dogs to prevent damage to household items.

    Basenji Weight: Male 11 kg (24 lb); Female 9.5 kg (21 lb)
    Height: Male 43 cm (17 in); Female 40 cm (16 in)

    Despite the fact that Basenji is called "African barkless dog" he is an excellent watchdog who will always warn the host about a stranger.

    Basenji has distinctive characteristics. They have wrinkles on the forehead and a tightly twisted tail.