How to Care for a Basenji

Basenji Characteristics

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  • Basenji Care

    Care of Basenji is easy and pleasant because it is a short-haired breed, without undercoat. Coat Basenji is no molting. This breed does not have a dog smell, even after a walk and rain, so the care is not complex.

    Wool: 1-2 times a week, wipe with the special rubber gloves for dog is hair or wet towel. You can regularly comb out the dog with a natural bristle brush. This procedure will make a great pet massage, improves blood circulation and removes dead hair.

    Bathe: basenji seldom because they have very delicate skin.

    It is recommended to wash 1 time in 3 - 4 months or depending on pollution with special shampoo for short-haired breeds that have sensitive skin.

    Dry it with a towel. Use a hair dryer as rarely as possible, dry warm air is irritating and overdries the delicate skin.

    The ears are large and open. There is a lot of dust and dirt. Wipe the ear with wet cotton swab dipped in warm water 1 time a week. For deep cleaning of the ear, you can use special drops designated by a veterinarian.

    Pet's teeth are necessary to clean 1 time per week. Use only toothpaste for dogs with a small brush or a special nozzle on the finger. For the prevention of dental calculus give the dog to chew pieces of fresh tomato.

    Claws are cut with nail clipper for medium breeds, 1 time per month. Remember claw on the fifth dewclaw no grinds off, often grows long and curved. It causes discomfort when the dog walks.

    Ticks and fleas: treat basenji with remedy from ectoparasites 1 time every 3 weeks.

    It can cause redness and rashes on the skin.

    Ticks are carriers of the disease which is very dangerous for dogs - piroplasmosis.

    The drug ("Advantix", "Front Line", etc.) is applied to the area between the shoulder blades closer to the neck, in the place where the dog cannot reach with the tongue. After that, do not bathe your pet for 10 days.

    Consult your veterinarian which product fits your pet the best.