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Yorkshire Terrier on a Fishing

This site is dedicated to all breeds of dogs, and not only. You will learn how to properly feed your dog all about care and cultivation with a puppy.

  • This beautiful, graceful dog has an independent character and habits of cat. This interesting breed is from Africa. It is the talisman for aborigines and it is reliable assistant in hunting for lions. It has unique qualities because it uses both hearing and vision during hunting while other breeds use only one.

    This breed is suitable for keeping in the apartment because it has compact size, without molting and does not bark. Basenji is an ideal pet for apartment.

  • He is a cheerful, energetic and active dog which always attracts the attention of others.

    The main decorations of this lovely breed are wide open ears that resemble butterfly wings. He is gentle and kind. His aristocratic appearance, proud posture and sonorous voice make them favorite of the whole family. He will be an indispensable friend in all the pranks and games for the child because the Papillon is a fountain of energy.

  • This is a very cheerful and amusing breed. All breeders like its large, naive eyes. Pug is well suited for keeping in an apartment. He is of small stature, handsome, kind and love children very much. In the house where lives pug will always be joyfully and loudly.

    It a funny muzzle and ringing voice constantly attracts the attention of others. This cute hellion never let you get bored.

  • This is a large hunting breed of dog, the pride of the Irish army now and the main hunter for wolves and boars in the old days. This gentle and kind giant needs to communicate with the host. He's like a big kid and loves attention and caress. He is faithful and devoted to the owner and never shows aggression towards people and animals without reason. Although Wolfhound is calm he can protect the owner and his family if he feels danger.

  • This amazing breed will not leave anyone indifferent. Weimaraner is graceful, strong, friendly and handsome, his elegant body is perfectly in motion, and amazing eyes seem to peer into your soul. He is extremely intelligent and enduring, and will be a true friend and helper for his owner-hunter. If your life style is constant trips to nature and hunting for a bird, this breed will make you an excellent company. Hunting is destiny for Weimaraner and he always fulfills it with pleasure.

  • Do you dream of a large and loyal friend which enjoys calm walks and adores swiming? Leonberger is a breed which suits you. He is calm, affectionate, obedient and gentle. This dog looks like a lion, has a great strength and a brave loving heart. He is devoted to the owner and his family. He loves children and will be a good nanny for them. He feels good in a quiet home environment.

  • Whippet is one of the fastest breeds in the world. He is able to overtake a deer and catch a hare for him is a trifle. He will be an excellent helper and companion for the hunter. Despite his graceful physique, this is a very hardy, agile, active and courageous dog. He gets along well with the children and is perfectly trained. Whippet is the perfect companion for people with active life style.

  • French Bulldog breed of dogs with friendliness and cheerful temperament. Although his ancestors were fighting dogs, the modern French Bulldog is a companion dog. His appearance is so amazing and sweet that it makes you smile every time you see this dog with big eyes and erect ears. Fans of this breed assure that the French Bulldog will be an ideal companion and a domestic pet. However, all they cheat and hide one nice feature of this breed. The French Bulldog snores so if you are not afraid of this fact you can safely choose this breed with a devoted and kind temperament. This dog is a real clown who will never let you get bored and will try to cheer you up in a difficult moment.

  • The Bernese Mountain Dog is big, powerful, and well-built dog. He has a striking beautiful appearance and gentle, affectionate temperament. Dog of this breed is generally placid and incredibly devoted to the owner and his family but he is suspicious towards stranger. Bernese Mountain Dog loves children and gets along well with other pets in the house. Bernese Mountain Dog is extremely friendly, gentle, intelligent dog which will be good companion and excellent friend for you and your family. In addition, the Bernese can smile and thanks to his ability you will forget about many problems instantly.

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