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  • Whippet Temperament and PersonalityWhippet (English Whippet) is a medium-size dog breed. This fast, dexterous and hardy breed was deduced for hunting of hares. Whippets have excellent eyesight and are considered to be the best hounds which work of eyes, in contrast to their brethren, who able to focus only on the sense of smell.

    This beautiful, elegant and graceful dog is one of the fastest breeds in the world. A dog of this breed has an aristocratic appearance and graceful body which is excellent adapted for running. He shows gorgeous results in dog races and looks great on short straight distances.

    Whippet has sharp eyesight and will never miss the prey from his field of view. Whippet is able to reach of speed up to 50-60 km / h, and up to 70 km / h in a straight line thanks to his strong legs and well-developed musculoskeletal system. It's hard to believe, but this little dog can outrun of the deer.

    English whippet is a very ancient breed and the first mention of he is dates back to 1610.

    Whippet which we know today was bred in the beginning of the XIX century in northern England by representatives of the work class. They crossed the greyhound with a terrier, so that the dog not only knew how to hunt, but also brought a rabbit or a hare directly into the hands of the hunter.

    In 1890, the breed was recognized by the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

    In 1903, the first breed standard was adopted, which has not changed until today.

    Personality of Whippet

    Whippet has a cheerful, affectionate, loving and obedient character. He has a steady psyche and never shows aggression towards people. This breed is an excellent companion dog, helper and favorite of the family. Despite the small size of Whippet, it is a bold and faithful breed that can protect his owner from stranger. By the way he has good watchdog abilities.

    Whippet is calm, obedient, not intrusive and quiet, he does not bark without reason (for example: he reports about the arrival of a stranger).

    This dog has a strong hunting instinct so a hunter will be an ideal host for him. But also this breed is suitable for active people who love sports and active recreation. Whippet loves any sport for dogs: frisbee, freestyle, agility (sports competition by overcoming various obstacles) and coursing (running after a mechanical hare) and behaves obediently at dog shows.

    This breed needs a lot of owner`s attention and does not like to stay alone for a long time. The Whippet puppy becomes disobedient and spoils things in the house (TV remote control, expensive Italian shoes, pencils, wires, magazines, pillows, furniture, etc.). In general, everything he gets to.

    Fortunately, the puppy is disobedient until 9-12 months and with proper education the adult dog does not spoil anything. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to teach the pet obedience, buy dog- toys and do not leave him along for all day.

    English Whippet needs require regular exercise, walks (at least 2 times a day) with the elements of training and playing and trips to nature 2-3 times a month. When you will see how your pet "flies" above the ground, how he happy with freedom and movement, you won`t be able to keep he for a long time in the city.

    Of course, if you do not have the time, money or opportunity, the dog will adapt to the lifestyle of the owner. He will be walk calmly on a leash and lie at your feet in the evenings. But there are questions "Will he be happy?" and “Why do you need this breed of dogs? “It is not necessary to break the natural needs and traumatize the psyche of a dog. You should find a suitable pet for your lifestyle, for example: decorative dog breed.

    Whippet is affectionate and patient with the children, he will be a good company in fun and moving games for them.

    He gets on well with other home pets (cats, birds, mice, etc.) and his congeners, especially if he grows up with them. But you must remember, a stranger cat turns into prey outside, despite that the cat in the house is his friend and companion.

    This breed is a very smart and obedient and is trained perfectly. Whippet puppies need early socialization and training.  You need to teach him to obey your rules in the house. Always praise your pet for obedience and punish slightly for naughtiness. Never hit a dog, you can show discontent only with intonation in your voice.

    Whippet puppy early shows hunting instincts and learns quickly. You need to tie a toy lure or a rag to a stick or fishing rod and play "cat and mouse" with the puppy. Teach him to catch up with the prey that runs away.

    This curious breed is constantly in search of prey and any moving object that she  interested in (a cat, a running little dog, a pile of leaves are chased by the wind, etc.) becomes into a "prey" automatically. Therefore, always keep whippet on a leash during a walk in the city.