Poodle Temperament and Personality

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  • Poodle is a decorative breed of dogs. He is included in The Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world and takes 2nd place. Nowadays he is very popular as companion and great family dog. Poodles are very beautiful and talented dogs which has an intelligent and affectionate temperament. They are trained very well and easily repeat the most complex exercises. Poodles always show excellent results in competitions on agility, obedience, frisbee and freestyle.

    The dogs of this breed are a good helper during the hunt for waterfowl. In general, Poodle is a universal breed with huge potential and opportunities.

    Temperament and Personality of Poodle

    Personality of Poodle

    Temperament Poodle

    Personality Poodle is an extremely clever, kind, cheerful, active and faithful. He is devoted to the owner and his family and he ideally suit as companion and family dog. He needs to communicate with people because he does not like to stay alone for a long time.

    Poodle has very careful and alert temperament, a good memory and instantly notices any changes in owner`s behavior. If you are sad, you have trouble at work or just a bad mood, you should not fall to despair. You need to stroke the fluffy head of your Poodle and look into his devoted eyes. He is the best remedy for bad mood, apathy and sadness. Poodle always warms you with the warmth of his soul like a gentle sun.

    Poodle is trained very well and quickly remembers new commands of the owner. Poodle Puppies need early socialization and training for obedience in the age of 4-6 months. Because the dogs of this breed are extremely smart they can grow disobedient without proper upbringing.

    Proper Poodle`s training is based on rule Reasonable Training but not Hard Training.

    The basic rules of Poodle training:

    • Constancy of requirements - if today you said "No!", so command "No" must be always for this.
    • Stick to your position - affectionately, but firmly.
    • The praise is one of the main incentives in dog rearing. Always praise Poodle for good behavior when he performed your commands. Because your praise and attention is a huge encouragement for him and your indifference is as punishment for him (the dog perceives it this way:  the owner is dissatisfied with my behavior so he does not praise me).
    • Never beat or shout at the dog.
    • An educated Poodle is a happy dog ​​which understands and respects the owner (not an unhappy animal is intimidated by the owner).

    He shows good qualities of watchdog despite his affectionate and nice temperament towards people. He is distrustful towards strangers and always warns the owner with barking when the stranger comes.

    Poodle is a patient and loving pet which is perfect for a family with children. He likes to play active games with owner`s children at home and outdoors. He is an excellent companion for babies because he has a kind and patient temperament, likes games with ball, stick, frisbee, etc. He has an extremely low ability to attack a person but always ready to protect the owner and his family. In addition, Poodle does not shed, and this is a big plus for allergy sufferer`s person. Always teach children to respect the territory and things of the dog (not to take his toys etc.) and carefully behave toward with a Toy Poodle (the smallest variety of the breed). Never leave too small kids alone with the dog even you trust the pet.

    Poodle gets on well with other pets if they grow up together. He needs communication with other pets if he lives one at home long time and you plan to have another pet (especially a cat). For example you should visit friends who have a cat then your dog will accustomed to such an animal and will react calmly to it in future.