Poodle Grooming and Care

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  • Poodle Grooming and Care

    Care and grooming Poodle are not easy so you have to regularly combing his a beautiful coat, cleaning eyes, ears and brush teeth.

    The poodle has beautiful and thick wool. It can be curly coat or corded coat. His wool does not smell, does not shed and does not cause an allergic reaction.

    Combing: Poodle wool does not melt so it needs regular combing that removes dead hair. Poodle puppies are combed 2-3 times a week as their wool is soft and less dense than in adult dogs. An adult Poodle is combed 1-2 times a week with a metal comb to prevent tangles.

    Combing of Poodle is begun from the tail or from the head. First, you should comb from the root of the hair to the ends and comb all dog body, then are combed the paws. Particular attention should be paid to the places behind the ears, around the elbows, on the scruff, on the inner surface of the "trousers "on legs and the lower part of the paws - place where  the wool makes tangles.

    Bath it is necessary once a month with shampoo for long-haired dogs. The bottom of the bath is covered with a rubber mat that prevents the dog's paw sliding. Put into dogs ears pieces of cotton for 10-15 minutes after bathing to remove excess moisture. Do not walk with him for 12 hours and do not let the pet sit in the draught after bathing to prevent health problems.

    Grooming: wool is cut that dog looks well-groomed and beautiful. There are popular haircuts for a Poodle:

    • Lion cut
    • English cut
    • Dutch cut
    • Modern cut
    • Puppy cut
    • Summer cut
    • Cupcake cut
    • Teddy bear cut
    • Town and country cut
    • Short hair

    Ears: are checked once a week. A healthy ear is without redness or excess sulfur. Wash the auricle with a wet disc moistened with warm water. If the ear is red, a lot of earwax, there is an unpleasant smell or the dog often shakes his head and rubs his ears on the floor consult with a veterinarian.

    Eyes: are checked every day. Healthy eyes are shining without tears and gray lumps in the corners of the eyes. Wash eyes with a damp cloth moistened with chamomile tea 1 time a week to prevent soure eyes. Do not use a cotton wool. It's important because a piece of cotton wool in eyes can cause irritation and red eyes. Each eye is wash with separate cloth.

    Teeth: are cleaned with toothpaste for dogs 2-3 times a week. You can use a toothbrush of the necessary size or with a finger wrapped piece of gauze.

    Paws: are washed after walk with warm water. In the pads of the paws is rubbed with vegetable oil to prevent cracks.

    Claws: are cut with a Nail Clipper of correct size 1 time per month. Sharp ends are smoothed with a nail file.

    Ticks and Fleas: regularly treat the pet with a remedy against ectoparasites to prevent the allergic reaction or Pyroplasmosis (a deadly dog disease). Consult with a veterinarian which product will suit your pet:

    • drops on the withers
    • collar
    • spray
    • pills