English Bulldog Temperament and Personality

English Bulldog Characteristics

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  • English Bulldog Temperament

    English Bulldog is a smooth-haired breed of dog medium size. It is excellent guard, dog-companion and reliable friend.

    Although, Bulldog has a gentle and calm character, it can faithfully guards owner`s territory and it can easily replace any guard dog, because it looks really impressive.

    Bulldog called Handsome Dan was the first live college mascot in America, in particular Yale University's sports teams.

    Today many professional sports teams, universities, secondary schools, military institutions, and other organizations wear a symbol of a bulldog. This strong dog has become the unofficial symbol of the US Marine Corps.

    Bulldogs always decide everything themselves because they are quite stubborn, self-confident and never wait for owner`s support.

    English Bulldog has an independent character. Although it is very strong dog, it is poised, clever and confident. It can have different mood: funny, stubborn, clever, and sad or naive, but this breed never show aggression towards people.

    English Bulldog is a wonderful family dog and a great friend. It is very devoted to owner and his family. The owner of the bulldog must be a conscious and very responsible person who understands the inner world of this wonderful breed. It look quite threatening but actually it needs owner`s attention and tenderness. Bulldog needs early socialization which helps your puppy become friendly and sociable dog.

    Breeders say that this breed gives in to training badly. But, if puppies are joyful and interested during training, they will do all owner`s commands. Bulldogs are obedient and quite sensitive dogs, so never shout at your pets during training.

    English Bulldog gets on well with children, but the child must learn to respect the new member of the family. The breed is friendly to other pets in the house. But it can be less friendly to strange dogs.

    English Bulldog feels comfortable in an apartment or a country house with garden. Most of the day it likes to take a nap in a cool place. Because it is inactive, does not need much space and spends a little power.

    Never close your pet in the car or indoors without a good access of fresh air. English bulldogs not tolerate heat, cold, drafts and dry air. Always take an ice pack during a trip with a dog. You can cool down the dog in case of overheating. The excitement in the intense heat can be fatal for dogs of this breed. It is necessary to clean out bulldog throat from accumulating secretions and seek immediate help from a veterinarian.

    Even newborn puppies suffer from overheating. They can be put on a wet cold towel, first making sure there are no drafts.

    English bulldog is necessary to walk 2 times a day, preferably early in the morning and late at night to maintain good physical shape. The stroll should be calm with the elements of training.