English Bulldog Grooming and Care

English Bulldog Characteristics

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  • English Bulldog CareThe breed is very cleanly, so care for the English Bulldog is not difficult but it is necessary.

    The skin is shiny with a lot of wrinkles. But this causes a lot of bacterial diseases. Proper diet with beneficial nutrients protects the dog`s skin from external negative factors.

    The coat is short, without undercoat. Dog`s wool is combed with massage brush and wiped with a wet flannel cloth 2-3 times a week. This simple procedure removes lifeless wool and gives your pet a pleasant massage which improves circulation.

    Wrinkles on the muzzle are washed with cotton cloth and dried every day. Because tears and the accumulated fat are reason of infection and irritate the dog's skin very much.

    Eyes are checked every day. To prevent too much secretion in corners of eyes, wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in chamomile tea 1 time per week. Because abnormal eye discharge can indicate eye`s infection or disease.

    Claws are cut with Claws Clipper for large breeds 1 time per month. If the pet is nervous moisten its foot before cut and the claws will get soft.

    The nose is regularly checked and grease with cream to prevent the emergence of a solid crust.

    The fold under the tail: A lot of Bulldogs have tail which is very twisted and pressed to the body really tightly (screw tails). You need to cleane folds under the tail very thoroughly to prevent accumulated discharges that cause infection tail-fold pyoderma in bulldogs.

    The teeth are checked regularly. Healthy teeth are white without the tartar. English bulldogs have the specific location of the upper and lower jaw which is the reason for the appearance of tartar. Teeth are cleaned with special toothpaste for dogs with tooth brush 2-3 times a week.