Chinese Shar-Pei Temperament and Personality

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  • Chinese Shar-Pei Temperament and Personality

    Chinese Shar-Pei (in Chinese it means "Sandy skin") is watchdog breed of medium size, hunter and dog - companion. This is one of the oldest breeds of dogs which were bred in China. Many centuries ago it was used as a fighting dog in Tibet.

    Another name of Shar Pei is Chinese fighting dog. In those times, when it was used for dog fights, its folds prevented injury of internal organs. The enemy could grab it by the skin without harming the body.

    Shar Pei always attracts attention by its extraordinary appearance. In the past, people believed, when it barks, its blue tongue drives away the evil spirits. Its deep folds in the skin and blue-black tongue like a Chow - Chow will not leave anyone indifferent.

    In 1971 it was registered in the United States as "Chinese fighting dog" of the American Kennel Association. In 1973 the breed was given the name "Shar - Pei".

    In 1973, the first Chinese Shar Pei participated in the Dog Show - Golden Gate Kennel Club Show.

    In 1976, November 9 was issued a first pedigree of breed, and two years later was the first exhibition of Shar -Pei, in Hinckley, Illinois.

    In 1978 it was considered the rarest breed in the world and has been recorded in "The Guinness Book of Records."

    In 1979, February 22 was approved the first standard of breed and the name "Chinese Shar Pei".

    In 1991, October 8 the American Kennel Club officially recognized this breed.

    Temperament of Shar Pei

    Shar Pei has a calm, independent and gentle character. It is active, cheerful and very dedicated to the owner and his family. Its behavior and manners primarily depend on the owner. It does not matter will be your pet the sanguine or the phlegmatic, cheerful or thoughtful. The main thing, it is always ready to rejoice and be melancholy with people who it loves.

    Although in the past it was a fighting breed, nowadays it is primarily the dog - companion. This breed is not trying to dominate. It does not like to be in conflict with the dogs or people.

    The modern type of Shar Pei is very friendly, family dog.

    Although it is a hunting breed which has a fearless character and unique skin, it is not adapted to the fighter's career because it has peaceful character and a complete lack of aggression.

    Shar Pei is trained well but the owner needs to be patient to train pet. All teams are trained gradually. Always praise and treat your dog if it made the command properly.

    The main thing that needs to know the owner of each dog - never beat your pet. Because your cruel behavior with a pet can turn the smartest and intelligent dog into the frightened and spiteful creature.

    Shar - Pei is very clever and resourceful breed. It can easily navigate the terrain and well remembers the route.

    Shar Pei is surprisingly affectionate and cheerful dog. He always wants to lick you and trying to put its funny plush muzzle on your knees.

    He gets along well with children and behaves with them tenderly and carefully. If pet sees the child for the first time, it does not understand why a person is such small but very slowly come to him. If a child holds out his hand, a dog will lick it very carefully.

    It quite cautiously refers to small breeds of dogs and puppies.

    It is a good guard and distrustful to strangers. If it feels the danger to the owner, it gets angry to protect him. Each Shar Pei is a unique personality with its own character and inner peace. But the owner for Shar Pei is “the center of Universe”.

    It can easily adjust to your schedule and ready to jogging in the morning, or to sleep longer on the weekends. This versatile breed can tolerate heat and cold. It will accompany you in the forest, park or on the beach. Thanks to ability to feel the mood of the owner Shar Pei called "dog-mirror". It will not bother you with the games, if hears the sadness in your voice. In China, it is revered curative breed with extraordinary aura. For lonely people or who have not arranged own way of life it is suitable for keeping.