Chinese Shar-Pei Grooming and Care

Chinese Shar-Pei Characteristics

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  • Shar Pei is suitable for keeping in the apartment. It is very clean dog. Even little puppies three months old after a walk can tolerate the next. The breed does not need large physical exertion or long walks. It is important to walk with the pet until eleven o'clock in the morning and after five in the evening especially in the summer because Shar Pei like all Molossoid doesn`t tolerate heat.

    Care of Shar-Pei

    Care of Shar-Pei

    Shar Pei has a short coat without undercoat, molts 1 to 2 times a year. Puppies are changing children's fur for harder and shorter at the age of 6-9 months.

    Care of the wool during molting: You can use a special rubber glove or a brush to keep the dog clean and tidy. Regular combing will help quickly to get rid of dead hair, and stimulates the blood circulation.

    During bathing in the molting period use a rubber glove. Combing during washing will remove fallen out wool. Do not forget close drainers in the bathroom with mesh.

    Do not wipe wrinkles of healthy Shar Pei!

    Bathe is recommended 1 time in 3 months with shampoo for short-haired breeds. Shar-Pei may have an unpleasant smell only with health problems. You do not need to bathe the dog often because it washes away the natural fat and produse dandruff to appear. It is necessary close its ears with a cotton swab. After bathing, dry the dog's ears, and remember it should not be in a draft.

    The muzzle should be cleaned after meals, because food residues remain in the folds and it can be the cause of unpleasant odor and irritation on the skin.

    Combing is necessary 1 time per week with a brush with natural short bristle.

    Eyes are washed 1 time per week with a soft cloth moistened with a chamomile tea. If you see an abundant salivation, redness of the eye and eyelid swelling, you should contact veterinarian.

    Shar Pei ears poorly ventilated because they are too small and tightly pressed to the head. This may be the reason for different ears infections. Ears are checked 1 - 2 times a week. If the dog often scratches its ear, shaking its head and ear smells bad, contact veterinarian. Maybe Shar Pei has ear infection.

    Claws are necessary to trim 1 times per month with a nail clipper. After walking always wipe the paws with a damp towel.

    Teeth: The adult dog should have 42 teeth because for many species a full set of teeth is required by the standard. According to the standard for Shar Pei it`s not necessarily to have a full set.

    Shar Pei puppy can chew on everything at home during the change of teeth. In order to avoid unpleasant situations buy some treats for dogs:

    • Chewing bones
    • Hard rubber toy
    • Beef tail and ears  sun-dried
    • Toy - rope for cleaning teeth.

    The teeth are cleaned 1 time a week with toothpaste for dogs.

    Ticks and fleas: Shar Pei needs to be processed with means against ectoparasites once a month because they cause allergies and exhaustion organism.

    Ticks are carriers of deadly diseases for dogs - piroplasmosis (babesiosis) and tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease).

    Fleas can infect a dog worms.

    Ticks are main enemies of pet`s health. So after walking in the forest, the park always check the skin, stomach, armpits, ears and genital area of Shar Pei.

    There are different products against parasites:

    • Drops on withers "Front Line", "Advantix" are absorbed into the skin and spread over it, not less than one day.
    • Spray starts to operate immediately after treatment.
    • Dog Collar («Kiltiks», «Beafar», «Bolfo») has insoluble matter of long-term action. It is gradually moving into the skin and begins to act in a few days after is distributed. The collar is necessary worn constantly, without removing.

    If you find a tick on a dog's body, you need to pull it out with tweezers or a tick twister with round movements. The bite is treated with antiseptic and make sure that the pet is healthy next days.

    If you see that your Shar Pei is lethargic, refuses to eat and drink, has risen body temperature (above 39 degrees), consult veterinarian. Only professional assistance will help to save dog's life.