Beagle Temperament and Personality

Beagle (English Beagle) Characteristics

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  • Temperament Beagle is very active, cheerful, friendly, inquisitive and affectionate. This hound loves the attention and company of people so he will be a great family dog. The Beagle has a loving and affectionate temperament. This dog can bark at a stranger and at the same time hides behind the owner.

    The Beagle loves children and will enjoy playing active games with them: a ball, a frisbee, bring a stick and so on. The main thing is that both the children and the dog should have fun.

    Beagle Temperament

    The Beagle is real hunting breed therefore he needs early socialization and proper care. This dog is hardy, strong, and full of energy and he is able to be outdoors all day, run, frolic and bark. So he will be the perfect companion and helper for his owner-hunter.

    If you are not a hunter but have chosen this breed of dogs, it will be your duty to regularly take out your pet to nature to allow your Beagle to freely run in the field or forest without a leash. It is necessary for his intelligence and physical development. Of course, you should not let go the dog without a leash without prior training otherwise he will not return.

    Beagle Personality

    The Beagle tends to show an obstinate and wayward temperament during the training period. He is cunning, smart, remembers all the teams but he always wants to show a free personality, so he will not immediately fulfill all the commands of the owner. You must patiently teach your pet (without punishment) that an owner is the main. He must learn that all humans in house are dominant to him otherwise it will be very difficult to train him. Beagle likes food, a lot of food. So you can use this trait to instill in him good manners.

    Beagle Puppies need early socialization especially during a puppy's first 16 weeks of life (Critical Socialization Period) and learn Basic Obedience Training for Dogs. You have to recognize some important ingredients in training of Beagle Puppies:  patience, dedication, determination and persistence on your part. Also Puppies can be rambunctious and destructive, so you should be consistent and firm in your decision.

    Beagle training

    Training your Beagle and always reward him with dog treats and lots of verbal praise when he does right commands. Punish your Beagle only with a loud voice or bang a rolled newspaper against table or something else that will make a loud noise. Main rule of a good owner - NEVER hit your dog. Beagle is very intelligent dog and he know from the tone of your voice that he does something wrong.

    Despite the stubborn temperament Beagle loves sports for dogs: agility, frisbee, freestyle and others. There he can release energy, develop abilities and show excellent results.

    Beagle Separation Anxiety

    The Beagle cannot be alone. The worst punishment for him is loneliness and idleness. He enjoys the company of people and other dogs. You should gradually teach your Beagle puppy to stay alone otherwise he will have a panic feeling which is commonly term as Separation Anxiety. He can spoil things in the house due to an oversupply of energy and boredom, he feels that is unable to get owner`s control, he does not have the self-confidence to play independently so waiting for his owner to return can be quite emotionally tortuous.

    Experienced breeders recommend keep two dogs of this breed or cat if the Beagle stays at home alone for a long time, since the breed was originally bred as pack hunter so he needs a company. Dogs of this breed get along well with cats and even birds. Together they share a dog bed and owner's love.

    Beagle and Cat

    The Beagle can bark very loudly which is another feature of this breed. The structure of the larynx allows the dog to make different loud sounds and this is not surprising as Beagle is a hunting dog which with different sounds notifies the owner about prey. Consider this factor when choosing a dog to prevent problems with your neighbors.