Beagle Health Problems and Feeding

Beagle (English Beagle) Characteristics

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  • Watchdog Ability
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  • Shedding Level
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  • Social Needs
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  • Health Issues
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  • How many times a day feed Beagle:

    Beagle puppies are fed small portions a lot times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings and increasing the portion.

    • Up to 2 months Beagle puppies are fed 6 times a day.
    • 2 to 3 months - 5 times a day
    • 4 to 5 - 4 times a day
    • 6 to 9 - 3 times a day
    • From 10-12 months and adult dog fed 2 times a day

    There are two types of feeding for Beagle: home food or dry food for dog. The main rule, never mix both types of feeding.

    Beagle Health Problems

    Ready made dog food. If you choose this type of feeding you have to sure that your Beagle will be eating Premium Dog Food which is free from the harmful ingredients found in inferior brands but Premium pet food is expensive.

    Homemade dog food. You have complete control over the ingredients and you are sure that your Beagle will be eating only good products. However there is one flaw, cooking takes a lot of your time and effort.

    Also you should know that there are helpful and dangerous products for health Beagle.

    Beagle Feeding

    Healthy foods for Beagle:

    • Lean meat (turkey, rabbit, beef, and venison) cut off any fat from the meat or offal
    • Chicken, is a strong allergen, so be careful adding it to complementary feeding
    • Cereals (brown rice)
    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Greenery
    • Sea fish (without bones)
    • Offal (kidney, stomach, tripe) cooked or parboiled
    • Dairy products (yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese)
    Dangerous products for Beagle

    Dangerous products for Beagle:

    • Fatty meat (pork)
    • Sausage
    • Sweets
    • Chocolate
    • Beans
    • Spices
    • Fried food
    • Pasta
    • River fish
    • Oatmeal (puppies sometimes have problems with the gastrointestinal tract)
    • Tubular bones of birds (very dangerous)

    Beagle Health Problems & Issues

    Beagle is relatively healthy breed of dogs so your Beagle puppy will be healthy too if you provide him with proper diet and care. There are some health issues that may affect your puppy.

    Beagle Health Issues
    • Beagle Dwarfism (chondrodystrophy). Dwarfism can occur as cause a genetic disorder.
    • Cherry Eye
    • Glaucoma is a common eye problem that affects Beagles when there is too much pressure on the inner eye. If left untreated, it can lead to canine blindness.
    • Distichiasis. It is an abnormal growth of the eyelashes where they bend and grow from an abnormal spot in the eyelid. It causes irritation in dog’s cornea.
    • Chinese Beagle Syndrome (CBS) is also known as Musladin Lueke Syndrome (MLS) and is characterized by short, upright front toes, where a Beagle looks like they are walking like a ballerina.
    • Diabetes
    • Ear Infections.
    • Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that causes sudden, uncontrollable seizures in dogs.