Australian Shepherd Temperament and Personality

Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Characteristics

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  • The Australian Shepherd is a herding breed of medium size, good watchdog, guard and dog - companion. It is strong and enduring. It can work with the owner during the whole day. Each dog of this breed can be regarded unique and unrepeatable because each has its original color and pattern on wool.

    Contrary to the name, the breed was not bred in Australia. It was bred on ranches in the western United States to graze livestock. Aussie is very universal, well-adaptable and active dog which wants to be the part of family. Australian Shepherd is in the top 10 of the most intelligent dogs in the world because it is able to make decisions by himself.

    Personality of Australian Shepherd

    Temperament of Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

    Australian Shepherd has a well-balanced, affectionate, energetic and cheerful temperament. Dog of this breed is an active, good-natured and rarely barks without reason. Aussie is hardworking and responsible breed. It always wants to please his master.

    It is so active and mobile and for it will be hard to sit in a closed room during the day. This breed needs open space and outdoor games to feel well and maintain muscle mass.

    Australian Shepherd gives in to training well and good understands new commands of owner.

    For them it is important to attention and approval of the owner, they are very fond of active games and walks.

    It is born to work, so do not expect behavior of dogs which sitting indoor and all day waiting for host`s command "go for a walk".

    They love children very much because they always can to run and frolic with them. Aussie`s happiness is running, jumping, overcoming obstacles outdoor and have constant communication with the people. Shepherd will miss and spoil owner things, if it is left home alone during the day.

    Aussie gets on well with other pets especially growing along with them.

    Australian Shepherd has a strong instinct to protect owner's family and property, so it needs early socialization. It is distrustful to strangers and without correct training can be aggressive.

    Aussie has compact size that allows you to keep it in the apartment, but you must go for a walk with it 2 times a day from 1 to 1.5 hours. Active walking is recommended with elements of training.