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Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Characteristics

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  • Read information with pictures about the Australian Shepherd Dog Breed and enjoy with pictures of Australian Shepherd Puppies.

    Learn interesting facts with pictures about the Australian Shepherd, its abilities and problems with puppies training. Look pictures Australian Shepherd and learn important facts about how to choose and raise a healthy Australian Shepherd Puppy.

    The Australian Shepherd (Aussie) was bred as a working dog for working on the farm and as a good companion for the owner and his family. To date, she has retained her skills and has established herself as an excellent shepherd and a wonderful companion. The Australian Shepherd has a responsible, affectionate and cheerful temperament, loves to work and is happy to be useful for the owner.

    The Australian Shepherd gets on well with children and will be a reliable friend for them.

    Aussie puppies need the right diet for the full formation of the skeleton.

    Weight of Australian Shepherd:Male 18–23 kg (40–50 lb); Female 14–20 kg (30–45 lb)
    Height at withers of Australian Shepherd: Male 51–58 cm (20–23 in); Female 46–53 cm (18–21 in)

    It gets along well with other dogs and pets, and never shows aggression towards people. Nevertheless, the Australian Shepherd behaves rather reserved and warily with strangers.

    Never put Aussie on chain because this dog needs an active lifestyle.

    Care for Australian Shepherd is easy. Australian Shepherd has a moderate length coat which needs regular combing to prevent tangles. Bathing is recommended not more than 1 time per three months. Claws are cut once a month and ears are check and wipe with wet cloth.

    The Australian Shepherd has beautiful almond-shaped eyes that have different colors with marbling or speckles. By the way, some Aussies have eyes of different colors.

    Dogs with a red coat and with burn marks coat are exposed to sunburns so you have to limit their walk outside in the summer.

    Australian Shepherd has a coat of different colors: black, red with tans, blue merle, red. All colors can have copper or white marks or both.

    Although Australian Sheepdog puppies are easily trained them need more time for training than adult dogs. Because even this a docile breed needs in correcting behavior.