Medium Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier on a Fishing

If you do not like large or small breeds, you will be interested in information of the section about medium breeds of dogs. You will learn what  breed is more suitable for protection, hunting and traveling. You will choose the pet that is suitable for keeping in the apartment and learn how to care and how long to walk with different breeds of dogs. You should know what breed of dogs you can keep if your family has young children, because some of them are good nannies and guards.  But some of them should not be kept in apartment with children. We will tell you how to train and keep dogs of medium size in good physical shape.

  • Poodle is one of the most popular and beautiful breed of dogs in the world. It is very elegant, kind, cheerful and devoted breed. He gets on well with children and likes to play with them. He needs to communicate with people and will be devoted to the owner and his family all his life. It does not matter which size of Poodle  you choose: Standard, Medium or Toy Poodle. Love is the most important thing that this cute dog can give for you.

  • It was originally bred as a working dog for farmers, as well as a good companion for the owner and his family. And now it is at the same time a great shepherd and a wonderful companion. It loves to work and is happy just to be near the host.

    Aussies have to train obedience, regular weight training with a variety of missiles, to hold exhibition activities, games, sports especially when it lives in the apartment.

  • Shar Pei is an unusual breed with many folds on the skin and head. This is a compact medium-sized breed is well suited for keeping in the apartment and will be for you and your family a good friend and companion.

    Communicate with Shar Pei will give you a lot of pleasure because it has an affectionate and gentle character. He can rejoice and grieve with you because it always feels the owner mood.

  • English Bulldog family dog, a favorite of children and adults. It loves to play with children because it is cute, clumsy and funny like a little child. It is intelligent, calm and loves comfort. Sometimes it can be stubborn and disobedient but never shows aggression towards people. Stable nervous system allows bulldogs to avoid conflicts. But you need to know they are not helpless and can defend themselves and the owner.

  • It is a fast, dexterous, cheerful and very affectionate breed. He has fascinating appearance and amazing speed. This is a truly universal greyhound that can and likes to chase a hare in the field and loves active sports for dogs, but at the same time it will easily adapt to your lifestyle. He will walk on a leash and sleep on the couch in the evenings. But under one condition, you should give him the opportunity to run regularly because he is born to run.

  • Beagle is one of the popular dog breed in the world because his gentle and outgoing temperament and playful personality. This dog is strong, hardy, loyal and active. He will be great friend for children and perfect family dog. Beagle gets along with cats and other pets but he can hunt decorative rabbit or rats due strong hunting instinct. Beagle enjoys active dog sports like agility, freestyle, flyball because he is full energy which needs spend. Beagle is attracted with different smells outside very easy so you should always keep him on a lead to prevent his disappearing in search of game.

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