Weimaraner Temperament and Personality

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  • The Weimaraner is an all-purpose gun dog. This energetic and hardy dog ​​can run very quickly so he deserved the nickname "Silver ghost". Temperament Weimaraner is intelligent, energetic and loyal. He is trained easy and always shows excellent results in competitions for dogs. Freestyle, agility, frisbee and other sports as if they were created for him.  But you have to know that hunting is the main purpose of Weimaraner so any sport never replaces it. The personality and temperament of Weimaraner require active lifestyle and regular hunting.

    Weimaraner Temperament and Personality

    Weimaraner Temperament and Personality of "Silver ghost"

    Weimaraner dog breed has a cheerful, active, energetic and affectionate temperament. He is assertive and stubborn hunter which clearly goes to the goal.

    He does not fit as a watchdog because he does not show aggression towards people. The distinctive features of the Weimaraner temperament are liveliness, devotion and tenderness. Of course he will warn with barking about a stranger, but he rather will run to hug and lick person than to drive out or bite him.

    He is devoted to the owner and to all members of the family in which he lives. But as a host, he chooses one person to whom he obeys.

    Puppy Weimaraner 8-10 months is already very strong but still naughty. The owner or person who walks with the pet should be a sporty and strong person as the dog can strongly draw to an interesting object, cats or other dogs.

    Weimaraner puppy gnaw toy-rope

    Another important thing to consider when walking with a Weimaraner is his strong sense of smell. This feature makes him react to different smells, so on the street he can eat everything that leads to poisoning.

    Put a muzzle on your dog during a walk to prevent his poisoning. This can help keep your Weimaraner safe when he loses control or his   inquisitiveness will be stronger.

     You have to regularly teach your pet a command "Leave it" to save his life.

    Weimaraner gets along well with children and is suitable for a family with children as a pet. Despite his affectionate, gentle and patient temperament on a walk he almost never obeys children. So, even if you like and trust a pet, never leave too small children alone with dog considering his growth and power.

    Weimaraner does not get along with other pets because his hunting instinct is too strong.

    This breed is ideal for a hunter and an active person who can devote a lot of time to him.

    Weimaraner Puppies need early socialization and regularly training.

    He does not like loneliness and cannot spend the whole day at home. If you are a very busy person do not choose this breed.

    Weimaraner needs active lifestyle, training, and a lot of exercises and goes for a walk a lot. He must spend energy, strain the body and brains, otherwise he will spoil items, destroy furniture and house.

    He is trained very well and with pleasure performs owner commands.

    The main rule of a good owner is "Never hit your pet." Never press his will and do not shout. The dog will understand everything, if you explain calmly what task he must perform.

    Contact a dog education specialist if you cannot train a pet yourself.