Leonberger Temperament and Personality

Leonberger Characteristics

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  • This astonishing breed of dog was bred in Germany in the city Leonberg which is located 50 km from the town of Rottweil where the breed of Rottweiler was bred. Advisor to the municipality Heinrich Essig wanted to create a breed of dog similar to a lion, because the city coat of arms was decorated with the emblem of the lion.

    Leonberger Personality

    In the late 30's and early 40`s of the XIX century, he crossed Newfoundland of black-and-white color with long-haired Saint Bernard Barry from the monastery of St. Bernard. The produced hybrid was crossed with the Pyrenean mountain dog. But Heinrich Essig did not stop and again crossed the puppies with the Saint Bernard of yellow-white color. As a result, he got a new large dog with silver-gray wool and a black mask on head. It was a very strong and hardy, can swim, had a keen hearing and excellent eyesight and became a living symbol of the city deservedly.

    First puppies of new breed were born in 1846. They had the best qualities of ancestors and soon these dogs become very popular around the world. The first registration and breed description are kept in a museum in Bern.

    In 1865, Heinrich Essig showed Leonberger of yellow - brown color. Dogs of silver-gray color were excluded from the standard in 1973.

    In 1890 there was created the Leonberger Club. In 1895, Albert Kull wrote down the first standard breed of Leonberger. Unfortunately, the number of purebred dogs decreased during the war and in the postwar period. Breeders, who had saved their purebred dogs, renewed the club in 1922. Five dogs which survived during the war were used for resumption of the breed of Leonberger.

    FCI recognized the breed in 1905. Today town Leonberg is the center of exhibitions of the Leonberger Club in Germany.

    September 23, 2007 a monument of dog which made town Leonberg famous all over the world was opened.

    Leonberger Temperament

    Leonberger Temperament

    Leonberger is cheerful, gentle, caring, tender and friendly breed. He will be for you the best family dog and companion, because he is obedient, fearless, without aggression and timidity. He can work as a guide dog and accompany you everywhere because he is very clever, sociable and obedient. He is a good guard and his huge growth can scare a stranger although this breed never shows aggression toward people.

    Dog of this breed is gentle and patient with children. He is an excellent nanny and can calm down a crying baby. You must remember only adult dog shows love for children. Puppy of Leonberger can overturn or bite a child during the game because perceives him as a tribesman. Never leave a small child alone with a dog because he is too large.

    This breed gets on well with other pets.

    Leonberger puppies need to have socialization with people as soon as possible because they can become disobedient. Leonberger is trained very well. It is necessary to begin puppy training at the age of six months. You must be patient during dog training. Never shout or punish your puppy without reason. But if you do not have the time or an experience you need to consult a professional. Leonberger cannot be constantly outdoors in the aviary, be on a chain or live separate from people.

    Dog of this breed is confident, calm, unruffled and devoted to the owner and his family but despite the great size, his is afraid of screams and family quarrels.

    You should follow the rules of keeping the large breeds of dogs to grow up your pet healthy and active. It is necessary to choose the correct diet, do not give the puppy extra load during training and check the formation of dog's skeleton and paws. Leonberger puppy should not walk the stairs, jump off the couch and run a lot until he reaches 1 year old.