Leonberger Health Problems and Feeding

Leonberger Characteristics

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  • Active Lifestyle
  • Watchdog Ability
  • Child Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • Cat Friendly
  • Shedding Level
  • Exercise Needs
  • Social Needs
  • Grooming needs
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  • Health Issues
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  • Nutrition of Leonberger is of two types: dry food of premium class or natural food. The main rule of dog`s feeding: never mix two types of food in one feeding.

    Dry food includes a complex of vitamins and minerals essential for the dog but after feeding he should drink lots of water. Dry food cleans teeth and prevents and prevents the formation of tartar.

    The diet should be balanced if you feed pet with a natural food. Unbalanced, fried or fatty foods cause a disorder of the digestive tract of a dog. Products have to be fresh and warm. Never give hot or very cold food. A bowl with pure water is placed in a convenient place for a dog.

    Feeding Leonberger Puppies

    The owner can define without problem a daily portion considering the energy wich was spent by pet during the day. A portion has to be eaten during 20 minutes. Put food in the fridge until the next feeding if the pet refuses to eat. If portion is not eaten, the next one will be less.

    You should consult your veterinarian when you see changes in behavior and health of Leonberger.

    Feeding of Leonberger puppies:

    • untill 2 months age - 5 - 6 times a day
    • 4 months - 4 times per day
    • 7- 8 months - 3 - 4 times daily
    • 10 months and adult dogs are fed 2 times a day - morning and evening.

     Dinner is given with meat which is being digested for a long time and pet will be fed until the morning. You should be aware that the right diet is a guarantee of the dog`s health.

    Healthy food:

    • Lean meat - beef, rabbit, turkey (raw or parboiled)
    • Saltwater fish without bones (only boiled)
    • Rice
    • Vegetables
    • Turkey neck
    • Ribs
    • Apples
    • Vegetable oil 1 teaspoon per day (to add into a portion)
    • Yogurt

    Unhealthy foods:

    • Smoked food
    • Sweets
    • Chocolate
    • Sausage
    • Bird`s tubular bone
    • Fried food
    • Pasta
    • Fatty meats (pork, lamb)
    • Beans
    • Spicy food
    • Spice
    • Salt
    • Grapes
    • Raisins

    Leonberger Health Problems

    Leonberger Health Problems
    • Addison's disease (it is a disease of the endocrine system)
    • Heart disease (especially cardiomyopathy)
    • Perianal fistula
    • Laryngeal paralysis
    • Polyneuropathy
    • Osteosarcoma (It is bone cancer. Dogs get sick at the age of 7 years)
    • Arthritis
    • Eosinophilia osteomyelitis (inflammation of bones. A healthy puppy suddenly begins to limp painfully without cause)
    • Eyelid diseases and cataracts (can provoke blindness)
    • Hip dysplasia ( is a condition in which the hip joints develop an abnormal structure, which can cause discomfort and movement problems of dog. The condition ranges from moderate to serious. Some Leonbergers do not feel any symptoms from their hip dysplasia all their life, while others need a medical or surgical treatment).

    • Bloat of stomachis a life-threatening condition and dog with this symptom needs a medical emergency.  Bloating is a life-threatening condition and dog with this symptom needs a medical emergency. Bloating has two different processes. In the first stage a dog stomach fills with gas and fluid and distends. This can cause a second stage in which the stomach twists. The distended and twisted stomach may interfere with the function of other organs and with vital processes besides, it makes it difficult the flow of blood in blood vessels.

      Nobody knows exactly, why bloating in dogs occurs? But there are factors that provoke this dangerous condition:

    • sudden movements
    • food that provokes bloating
    • active walk immediately after feeding
    • dog swallows a lot of air while eating because it eats too fast (you should buy  food   bowls for dog that slow down the eating process).