How to Care for a Leonberger

Leonberger Characteristics

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  • Leonberger has a "double coat" which is long and water-repellent with a dense undercoat. Coat molts extremely and seasonally - 2 times a year. Never shave a Leonberger because his double insulated coat protects from heat and cold. Some breeders had a bad experience when they shaved Leonberger and it caused a range a problem with wool. For example: coat grows too thick and matted or grows too slowly over the years. Puppies usually shed a lot of first puppy coat until they reach 1 year old or close to season shed.

    How to Care Leonberger

    Combing is necessary every day with a metal comb or brush. Furminator is used one time a week. This procedure removes dead hair and prevents tangles. You should use furminator or an undercoat rake to remove undercoat during the moult (especially Spring – Autumn) every day. If your Leonberger sheds too much, you will need to change his diet and shampoo and consult the veterinarian.

    Bathe is recommended 1 time per month or depending on pollution with shampoo for long-haired breeds. The dog loves water and can swim in the river or lake every day in the summer heat. You should rinse the dog's coat with clean water after swim in the outdoor pond.

    Eyes are checked regularly and cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in chamomile tea or warm water 1 time per week.

    Ears are cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with warm water. You should slightly ventilate the inner side of the ear (to wave dog ears like butterfly wings).  Healthy ears are of pleasing pink color without excess sulfur or unpleasant odor.

    Leonberger teeth are checked regularly and they should be white without tartar. Gums are pink without bleeding or redness. The teeth are cleaned with toothpaste for dogs 2-3 times a week. Include to the diet of dog fresh tomatoes and solid foods (raw carrots, raw turkey neck) to prevent tartar.

    Claws are cut with Nail Clipper for large breeds 1 time per month.

    It is necessary to accustom the pet to any procedures since puppyhood otherwise you will not cope with the adult dog. You should always praise with treat dog after any procedure.

    Attention ectoparasites! It is necessary to treat Leonberger remedy against pest (ticks, fleas) every month because the skin of a huge dog with long hair is difficult to be constantly check after a walk in the forest or park.

    Fleas cause itching, restlessness and skin allergies.

    Ticks are a big threat to health and life of dog because they are carriers of deadly diseases - piroplasmosis (babesiosis). Consult your veterinarian about types of medicine against parasites.

    Keeping a Leonberger

    Keeping a Leonberger

    The best place for keeping Leonberger is a country house with spacious garden, where he will rest in the shade on hot summer days. You should put in the garden a bathtub with water where he can bathe and cool down.

    If you keep the Leonberger in aviary (though breeders do not recommend it do because he needs to communicate with people) you have to walk with him every day to let him run and swim.

    The room where Leo lives must be well ventilated. You have to take a dog for a walk at least 2 times a day when he lives in an apartment. Walking should be calm with the elements of training.