The Komondor (The Hungarian Sheepdog) Temperament and Personality

The Komondor (The Hungarian Sheepdog) Characteristics

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  • Komondor has a kind, brave, watchful and fearless temperament. He is incredibly devoted to owner and his family. Komondor is a great watchdog and a good family dog. He is wary towards strangers and will protect owner and trusted territory even at the cost of his life. Dog of this breed never shows aggression without any reasons.

    Komondor Temperament

    The Hungarian Sheepdog is restrained in the manifestation of his feelings, because his main task was to protect of people so he is not obliged to love and trust absolutely everyone. But there are pluses in Komondor temperament if he meets the owner’s friends and recognizes them he will remember them all his life.

    Komondor is patient and affectionate with owner’s children, but may show distrust or indifference to unfamiliar children. Never leave small children alone with the dog because of its large size.

    Hungarian Sheepdog is friendly and responsible with other pets, considers them as members of his pack, especially if he grows up with them. Males Komondor have a more independent and masterful temperament. Even well-trained dogs tend to make their own decision. Komondor is prone to dominance without a proper training.

    Komondor puppies need early socialization and professional training. Komondor puppies mature up to 2-2.5 years. Therefore, many owners are unprepared for a sharp change in the character of Komondor, missing the moment of training.

    Komondor puppies are trained well but try to train them in a playful way. Komondor is prone to being stubborn, so training should be interesting and fun. Always praise the dog for the correct show of the command and lightly scold for disobedience. Never hit your dog.

    Never put Komondor on a chain. You can build a large aviary for him which allows him to move freely. This breed can live outdoors because his coat is resistant to wind and rain but in the summer heat dog can feel discomfort.