Komondor Grooming and Care

The Komondor (The Hungarian Sheepdog) Characteristics

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  • Care for a Komondor is a hard and laborious but if you do everything right get a well-groomed dog. The Komondor needs daily care: to wash and dry his paws after a walk, to brush his coat from twigs and grass with a hand or a vacuum cleaner, to check ears and eyes, to brush his teeth, and to wash his muzzle after eating.

    Komondor Care

    Komondor has an unusual coat that protects him from cold, moisture and wind. The coat of the Komondor needs special care because it is formed into strands to be divided into thin cords (dreadlocks) as it grows. Komondor dog molts seasonal spring-autumn, but the molt is not visible on adult Komondor. Dead hair falls out of the bulb, is fixed and remains in the dreadlocks of the Hungarian Sheepdog.

    Coat of newborn puppy Komondor is wavy, short, fluffy, and bright white. It becomes hard and dry to the touch when puppy has reached 3-5 months of age. Do not cut it to 1 year and in no case comb. Not brush a Komondor coat, as it will prevent the natural formation of cords. It can also damage the undercoat such that the undercoat never grows back.

    Remember, Komondor owners do not keep combs, brushes or slicker brush in the house.

    You can trim coat on feet to prevent too much dirt sticking between the toes, and round the muzzle if it gets too wet and dirty. Grass, leaves, sprigs and other small garbage may get stuck to the coat. You can remove them or gently brushing the coat using your fingers.

    The Komondor Grooming

    Bathe Komondor if it is necessary or dog is dirty. Frequent washing spoils the condition of the coat. Water thickens thin cords or not sufficiently full of undercoat cords, which, after drying, will become unpresentable.

    Komondor puppies are bathed with a hypoallergenic shampoo that should be foamed, then rinse the coat from dirt and rinse thoroughly with warm water. After wring out the coat and wipe the dog with a large towel. You will need some terry sheets to dry the adult Komondor.

    Drying is the longest process in Komondor's hair care. You will need a powerful hair dryer and extraordinary patience. Hungarian Sheepdog puppies are gradually accustomed to the sounds of a hair dryer, and then to the warm air. Try not to frighten the puppy, do everything very carefully.

    You should buy an overall for dog if your Komondor lives in the apartment. It will help to keep dog coat clean and dry during a walk in the rain.

    The Komondor Puppie Care

    Teeth are cleaned 3-4 times a week with special toothpaste for dogs using a toothbrush. Include solid foods and fresh tomatoes in your dog's diet to prevent tartar.

    Eyes are checked once a week. The eyes of a healthy Komondor are clear, shiny without souring. Gray lumps are acceptable in the morning. It is enough to remove them with a soft cloth soaked in chamomile tea or warm boiled water. Each eye is wiped with a separate piece. Regular inspection is very important for dog as a dense coat obscures the eyes of the Komondor. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice eye redness, swelling of the eyelids or excessive tearing.

    Paws: wipe the paws with a damp towel after walking. Paw pads regularly check for wounds, cracks and tangles. The hair between the fingers and paw pads should be cut off, as the formed tangles cause discomfort during walking. The joints of paws are at risk of deformation during the growth period. Unfortunately, it is a common problem of large dog breeds. Walk with puppy at a fast pace (trot) to strengthen the muscles of the limbs.  Do not let your puppy walking down the stairs and steep descents until his skeleton is fully ripe.

    Claws are clipped with a claw cutter for large dogs once a month.

    The Komondor coat

    The beard and muzzle are wiped after eating and walking with a damp towel. Beard of Komondor is a hotbed of pathogenic bacteria because dreadlocks do not dry well after drinking and feeding, especially home-made food.

    Ears are examined 2-4 times a week. Komondor ears are large, tightly pressed, poorly ventilated, and covered with cords, so they are a great place for infections and ticks. Wipe dog auricle with a moist cotton pad from dust and sulfur. Do not use cotton buds. A healthy ear is pleasant pink color, odorless and excess sulfur. You can buy the ear powder which will keep ears dry and healthy. Keep an eye out for excessive itching, or shaking the head as it can indicate about ears problem.

    Komondor Tick and Flea Issues

    The Komondor Puppies

    During the summer, you should inspection Komondor skin for ticks and fleas daily.

    Ectoparasites are very dangerous for the life and health of the dog. You must treat your Komondor with medicine from fleas and ticks ("Front Line", "Advantix") 1 time per month. The medicament is applied to the area between his shoulder blades, closest to the neck, in the place where the dog cannot lick it. You should not to bathe your pet for 10 days.

    You have to pay special attention to the dog during the increased activity of ticks:

    • spring (May - June)
    • summer
    • early autumn

    Ticks are carriers of babesiosis - deadly disease for dogs. Always check the dog's skin after walking in the forest and park.

    How to remove Ticks:

    • Using tweezers or special tick tweezers "Tick -Twister", grab the tick near the mouth parts (as close to the skin as possible).
    • DO NOT squeeze the tick.
    • Gently pull out the tick with circular motion.
    • Use a disinfectant on the place of bite.
    • Record the date and location of the tick bite, and watch dog’s health for the next few days.

    If your Komondor is active, eats with appetite, everything is fine, the tick was not infectious. You must immediately contact your veterinarian if the dog is listless, refuses food and water, has high temperature (39 - 40 degrees) and its urine is red - brown color.