Irish Setter Temperament and Personality

Irish Setter Characteristics

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  • The Irish Setter (Red Setter) is a breed of gun dog, companion and good family dog with a beautiful long red wool and affectionate temperament. The Irish Setter is one of a pointing breeds which can show location of the game (quail, partridge, pheasant) and has an excellent ability to adjust to new hunting conditions and terrain.

    He is a perfect dog and great friend for an active person and a hunter. This breed was bred specially in early 18th-century in Ireland to find and show the wildfowl. He is an excellent helper for hunting in the field, on a wet or dry swampy terrain. The Irish Setter is a hardy, strong, intelligent and hard-working dog which will be faithful you and your family.

    Irish Setter Temperament and Personality

    Irish Setter Facts Personality

    Personality Irish Setter is a friendly, temperamental, cheerful, playful and intelligent. He needs active and long walks outdoor: the park, the forest, the field because he is full of energy and strength which are necessary to release. He is amenable to training very well and is ready to please the master by performing commands.

    Irish Setter gets along well with other pets in the house: dogs, cats, especially if they grow up together.

    Irish Setter is an excellent friend and companion for adults and children. This affectionate, gentle and kind dog will never bite a child. Dog of this breed loves children and can play with them all day. Also, for children of any age it is useful to communicate with animals. You must remember, no matter how much you trust your pet, never leave very small children alone with him.

    Unfortunately, this handsome, graceful and brave dog sometimes attracts the attention of “bad people”. The Red Setter is not suitable as a guard and watchdog. He can bark because distrusts strangers but at the same time he wags tail and never bites a person. Perhaps this is a main cause abduction dog of this breed.

    This energetic and hardy dog ​​needs an active life style and regular walks with training elements. He is an ideal companion for a hunter, sportsman or an active person. Happiness for the Setter is the ability to spend a lot of time with the owner.

    Red Setter is not suitable for keeping elderly people or who prefers a quiet lifestyle without physical activity.

    On the pictures Irish Setter puppy are so cute, small and defenseless. But do not give in to emotions, Irish setter puppy need early training as soon as they acclimated to new home to avoid behavior problems.

    The Irish Setter is a real hunter. He is inquisitive and has an instant reaction towards cats or birds outdoors. You should keep dog on a leash during a walk because he can run away interested in something.