German Shepherd Temperament and Personality

German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

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  • The German Shepherd dog is working breed. Today it is the most popular and universal breed. German Shepherd is on the top three of the smartest dogs in the world, and it is the second-most popular breed of dog in the United States.

    It is the perfect companion and security guard. German Shepherd is often used as guide dogs for blind people. It is used in the police to search for missing people and animals. This breed is used to serve in the army for the protection of the state border.

    The German Shepherd is very hardy and can run up to 200 km a day, while the wolf runs less than 100 km.


    German Shepherd Temperament and Personality

    German Shepherd temperament is a dedicated, smart, loving and empathetic. This dog has a strong nervous system, acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell. It has attentive and courageous personality and has all the qualities that are valued in the servant dog.

    German Shepherd loves children very much. It will be a reliable friend and good nanny for the children of the owner. But very young children should not stay with dog alone.

    Like any good watchdog and guard, it is distrustful to strangers. If the dog lives in the apartment, it can watch the guests all the time, until they leave the house owner.

    You will get faithful friend, a reliable defender and dedicated companion if deserve the trust of the German shepherd.

    It gets on well with other pets and if they grow together, they become inseparable friends.

    German shepherd needs to communicate with host. It does not like to be alone, but it is willing to wait patiently for arrival the owner.

    The owner of a large breed is obliged to educate a safe and beneficial dog for people. Start education and socialization puppies of German Shepherd when they are 2-3 months. You need to start dog training with simple commands and in comfortable conditions for your pet. Training is conducted before feeding, to make the dog perform the commands and get food for it. You have to show calm and poise in order to achieve results in the education of your pet.


    You must remember the main rule in training, never shout or beat the shepherd. Training is an opportunity to establish contact between the owner and the dog. If it does not exercise, continue training the next day. You can ask for help from an experienced specialist - dog handlers who can give you expert advice and educate your dog obedience.

    German Shepherd puppies have extremely long period of development, so they become an adult dog at the age of three years old. Never deprive German Shepherd puppy of toy or ball during a game, you can spoil the bite and damage the teeth. You don't have stroking the puppy's head and ears, because ear`s cartilage is still very weak, and the ears will not get the correct standing position. Do not allow your puppy to jump from a height, and run up the stairs, until its bones become stronger.