German Shepherd Grooming

German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

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  • Care and Grooming German Shepherd. This dog needs a regular care. This breed has a dense coat and thick undercoat, which molts. Molting is a seasonal twice a year. If the dog lives in the apartment with warm and dry air, it can molt during the whole year. In the period of spring - autumn molt increases.

    Coat: 1 - 2 times a week comb the wool with a metal comb or brush. Regular combing is important to remove fallen out wool and improves blood circulation. You have to comb the shepherd`s wool during the molting with slicer brushes every day.

    Bathe your pet once a month or according to the degree of pollution with a special shampoo for dogs. Frequent bathing can wash away wool grease which protects dog's skin from hypothermia. In summer, after a swim in a lake or river, rinse pet's wool with clean water to avoid an allergic reaction on the skin.

    German Shepherd teeth are cleaned with a special toothpaste 1 - 2 times a week. A toothbrush or a special nozzle on the finger is used for this. Always check dog's mouth its gums should be pink. Redness and blood on it gums can be a symptom of inflammation. You can give your pet to gnaw things from buff or cartilage in order to prevent the emergence of tartar.

    These things help to slow down the formation of dental calculus on the teeth by mechanical action while dog is chewing it. You can include fresh tomatoes dog's diet.

    Eyes: in a healthy shepherd are shiny and moist eyes, mucous membrane is pink, without excessive lacrimal secretions. Wash it eyes with a damp cotton pad moistened in warm water or chamomile`s decoction 1 time a week.

    German Shepherd Ears: you need to wipe inner part of the auricle with a damp cotton pad, which is dipped in warm water 1 time a week.

    Claws you need to trim with a nail clipper for big breeds 1 time per month. If the dog is active and claws are erased natural way it is cut 1 time in 2 months. You must remember about the fifth dewclaw.

    Ticks and fleas: ectoparasites are very dangerous for the life and health of the dog. You must treat the German shepherd with medicine from fleas and ticks ("Front Line", "Advantix") 1 time per month. The medicament is applied to the area between the shoulder blades, closest to the neck, in the place where the dog cannot lick it. You should not to bathe your pet for 10 days.

    You have to pay special attention to the dog during the increased activity of ticks:

    • spring (May - June)
    • summer
    • early autumn

    Ixodes ticks are carriers of piroplasmosis - deadly disease for dogs. Always check the dog's skin after walking in the forest and park.

    How to remove Ticks:

    • Using tweezers or special tick tweezers "Tick -Twister", grab the tick near the mouth parts (as close to the skin as possible).
    • DO NOT squeeze the tick.
    • Gently pull out the tick with circular motion.
    • Use a disinfectant on the place of bite.
    • Record the date and location of the tick bite, and watch dog’s health for the next few days.

    If a German shepherd is active, eats with appetite, everything is fine, the tick was not infectious. You must immediately contact your veterinarian if the dog is listless, refuses food and water, has high temperature (39 - 40 degrees) and its urine is red - brown color.