Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament and Personality

Bernese Mountain Dog Characteristics

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  • Watchdog Ability
  • Child Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • Cat Friendly
  • Shedding Level
  • Exercise Needs
  • Social Needs
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  • Health Issues
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  • Bernese Mountain Dog has kind and gentle temperament and deservedly is a unique breed. He will be your best friend, companion and a source of absolute love. Bernese Mountain Dogs is an excellent family dog and he is incredibly devoted to owner and all members of family which he lives in. This intelligent and sharp-witted dog is easy train, does not bark very often and is not easily annoyed thanks his affectionate personality.

    Bernese Mountain Dog and Cat

    Bernese Mountain Dog gets along well with children and will be reliable friend for them despite he seems too big. Dog of this breed has gentle, affectionate and friendly temperament and can playing all day with children.

    You must spend time teaching children and your dog how to conduct themselves. Both, child and puppy should be closely supervised to avoid behaviors that could lead to them injury. Children visiting your home have to be instructed in behavior with the dog to prevent trouble.

    Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament and Personality

    Bernese Mountain Dog gets along well with other pets (cat, parrot, rabbit) especially if they grow up together. You should be careful because poorly trained puppies tend to chase smaller animals and play roughly so they can harm a smaller pet even though they are quite gentle.

    Bernese Mountain Dog puppies need early socialization. They need in acquaintance with the outside world: different sounds and experiences, owner`s friends, stranger kids and other dogs. You have to take out your Bernese puppy to parks, busy streets, stores that allow dogs, walk him with neighbor`s dogs to help improve his social skills.

    Bernese Mountain Dog Intelligent

    The Bernese Mountain Dog is very intelligent breed and it is easy to train. He needs sufficient exercise and he cannot spend the day at home, be lying on the bed like the cat and generally lazing around. Dog of this breed is suitable for living both in an apartment and in a country house.