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Yorkshire Terrier on a Fishing

You want to have a dog but you do not know anything about it. What kind of breed is suitable for your lifestyle or how to properly take care for dogs of different breeds? And you knew that some people's food is very dangerous and toxic to dogs. Our articles will tell you interesting stories and facts about dogs.

Do you know that?

  • 45% of dogs sleep in the owner’s beds.
  • Dogs get hiccups if they eat or drink too fast.
  • Puppies have 28 teeth, and adult dogs have 42 teeth.
  • A dog named Rin Tin Tin was the first "Hollywood star" and himself signed his 22 contracts for films with a paw print.

If you are interested, read the articles and learn more the facts about dogs.

  • The gastrointestinal tract of the dog is completely different than a human gastrointestinal tract. Many products which are absorbed by a person can seriously damage pet's health. A dog is a predator and you must understand this. In the wild, its food is small animals with thin bones and tender meat without fat. So pet`s feeding have to be as close to the natural as possible. You have to know that a lot of products are very dangerous and toxic for dogs. So never give them it.

  • In your house appeared a puppy and you are infinitely happy. But your joy passed very quickly because your house is not completely ready for a comfortable and safe life of puppy. You began understand the dog is not only great happiness but also a huge responsibility. You must understand that there is no difference between a large and a small breed. Every dog deserves a responsible host. Unfortunately, all beginning breeders first have to learn from their mistakes. That you avoid them you need to learn about the simple rules of keeping a dog in the house.

  • Do you know why one breed of dogs is more popular than others and how they had deserved popularity? Why do the previously popular breeds go into the background and are replaced by new ones?

    There are many reasons and for each separate breed its own ones.

    Often, the popularity is influenced by a fickle fashion, for example, yesterday everyone admired the beautiful wool of Shih Tzu which today was replaced by an exotic Chinese Crested Dog. Fortunately there are fans that will never change their pets. They will do much to improve the abilities of their favorite breeds of dog. There is a list of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world which shows how breeders are true to their tastes and why.

  • At first glance it seems that these funny and cute dogs are like a living toy and can cause only a smile of people on the streets. But in fact they all are serious, bold, loudly barking, timid, loyal dogs which boundlessly loving their master animals. Small dogs are ideal pets for urban residents. They take up little space in the apartment, do not require a long walk outdoor, and do not need too much time to care. However, life together in an apartment with dog requires certain rules. Therefore, it is so important to make the right choice and purchase that breed of dog that corresponds to the lifestyle of the owner, his character, interests and habits.

  • The biggest dog breeds in the world surprise us with their size, strength and power. About they tell legends, stories and tales. The appearance of dogs – giants inspired writers and artists to create their works. Many of the dogs of large breeds had the honor to leave their mark in the Guinness Book of Records. They participate in television shows and act in films. The most interesting thing is that the large dogs instills fear and causes respect, they surprises with theirs size and weight, but the most important thing is that it is a devoted friends and companions, in whose chest a loving and devoted heart beats and they as a little defenseless puppies are waiting for a human kindness and affection from the owner.

  • The uniqueness of the dog’s body is that, if it is absolutely necessary, dog can survive on any kind of food, but every caring owner knows that the well-being of his pet depends on what kind of food the dog eats. Undoubtedly, the most valuable product for a dog is, of course, meat (preferably raw, as it has more vitamins). But unfortunately, not every type of meat is equally useful for dogs because they can only eat non-fatty meats. A proper dog diet should include vegetables, fruits, eggs, lactic acid foods, etc. All these components in the complex contribute to the proper functioning of the dog's body and support its viability.

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