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Yorkshire Terrier on a Fishing

All that you want to know about all dog breeds for your family and children you can find here. Each breed has its own history, personality, temperament, size and health problems. Of course, all dogs are different, but they all have one common feature - all dogs want to be necessary and beloved the owner.

  • The Beagle is a beautiful, affectionate, cheerful and very energetic breed of dogs. The Beagle is a scent hound. He is hardy and full of strength, has an excitable temperament and a friendly personality. A dog of this breed will be a great companion and reliable helper for a hunter or the owner who loves a sporty and active lifestyle. The Beagle gets along very well with children and other pets, but Beagle puppies need early socialization and regular training. This funny and interesting dog is included in the top ten most popular dog breeds in the world.

  • This small breed is actually very bold and proud. Yorkshire terrier is really devoted to the owner and is always ready to obey his commands. But it gets annoyed when strangers want to touch it. He shows that he is strong dog wich has proud posture and explosive character.

    At home he is cheerful and energetic dog which gets on well with other pets. Outside he may behave aggressively to other dogs especially bigger than him.

  • Chihuahua is not only the smallest breed of dogs in the World. Also he is a great friend and a faithful companion for all family. He has a very curious and lively temperament and a cute appearance.  When Chihuahua gets acquainted with unknown smells, a strange situation or new people, it causes a violent reaction which provokes trembling in the whole body and this feature makes this dog even more sweet and defenseless. He has a livable, sociable and very affectionate character and gets along well with other pets in the house but very poorly tolerate loneliness.

  • German shepherd is versatile breed. It is a good watchdog, companion, protector and a guide dog. This strong, confident and resolute dog will be a fearless defender and devoted friend for you and your family. If it accepts you as a host, it will always obey you.

    It disregarding will protect you and your family even at the cost own life, because it has enough power and decisiveness.

  • The Irish Setter is a cheerful, affectionate, kind and reliable companion, an excellent hunter and friend for you and your family. Setter is an ideal dog for a hunter. He is active, agile and runs very fast. He enjoys participating in agility, dog-frisbee, and different kinds of sport for dogs. The dog of this breed is an ideal friend for active people and teenagers. He has a patient and reserved character and will never bite a person.

  • It is a great shepherd, guard and companion. Due to the innate endurance and hard work, it was a reliable friend and helper for the shepherds and farmers. Breeders appreciate its energetic, affectionate and cheerful character, good health and the ability to adapt to different environmental conditions. The original color makes each Australian shepherd individual.

  • Poodle is a beautiful, clever and cheerful breed. He is an excellent family dog, a good friend for children and a dog- companion. This breed is included in the top 10 smartest dogs on the world and worthily takes 2nd place. This dog has great abilities. Poodles are so clever that they work in the circus, act in films, work as dog-guide for blind people, they with pleasure participate in competitions in agility and frisbee. By the way, lots of them are excellent helpers for hunting for waterfowl.

  • Shar Pei is a guard breed of medium size. A special feature of the breed is a lot of wrinkles on the body and head. This unusual dog has a cheerful character. This dog - a companion is a good friend which always feels mood of the owner. If you have a playful mood, it will have fun and play with you.

    But if you feel sad, it lies down close to you and will don't bother you. Because owner`s mood for Shar Pei is always in the first place.

  • English Bulldog is a medium sized, smooth-haired dog. Its formidable appearance easily replaces the guard, but in reality it is affectionate and sweet dog. It is trained very well and does not tolerate shout and threat in his address. This breed needs well-ventilated room, because it cannot tolerate heat.

  • This beautiful, graceful dog has an independent character and habits of cat. This interesting breed is from Africa. It is the talisman for aborigines and it is reliable assistant in hunting for lions. It has unique qualities because it uses both hearing and vision during hunting while other breeds use only one.

    This breed is suitable for keeping in the apartment because it has compact size, without molting and does not bark. Basenji is an ideal pet for apartment.

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